Monday, October 20, 2008

Dreaming of Flying To The Nest

My transition to my new studio has been amazing. I love my new creative space. I never get tired of being there. I have been so productive and just love it. My newest dream is to take part in an artist retreat at the art nest in Utah this winter. After a little encouragement from my loved ones I decided to treat myself to an experience that I think will be unforgettable. I will have the opportunity to explore my creative process alongside of Kelly Rae Roberts who has been such an inspiration for me. I am anxiously awaiting my confirmation that I will be one of the lucky 25 people to attend. I can't wait!


mati rose said...

I'm so excited that you registered for Art Nest! Can't wait!
Be well,

Candice Elton said...

This is so beautiful, i am thrilled to meet you at the nest. I love your blog. congratulations on your studio.