Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love and adore myself

Today I read another great blog post from one of my fellow art nesters, Jolee Jane, and her post absolutely inspired me.
After reading her post I was tempted to go to my mirror and write I love and adore myself to use a prompt for me to say these words while looking at my image. Well I didn't write the words because I thought Brian would wonder what in the world I was doing writing this on our mirror. I did repeat this statement aloud about three or four times and each time it made me smile more. Even though it felt great to do this I felt a bit silly. I think I have been programed to feed into our societies judgemental criticism of women, success, our bodies, and keeping up with the Jones's. I often hear that little voice in my head that I am not good enough just as I am (bringing tears to my eyes, so sad to admit this.) But I am getting to the point that I am starting to whisper back I am good enough. I love and adore myself because I am embracing my dreams to live a creative life that is uniquely mine. It is bringing me strength and hope of sharing the joy of the creative journey with others. My artwork has meaning and connection to who I am and I love that! So please, run to your mirror and say aloud "I love and adore myself" while looking at your image. It may be hard, you may have tears, but say it mean it and repeat it until you believe it. Any thing is possible when you love and adore yourself!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories

Here is a photo from Easter 1975 of my sister and me with our baskets. I found it first thing this morning. How did I tolerate the New England cold in that short sleeve dress? I guess I have gotten soft in the years. I still love wearing dresses, but mostly in the warmer months. No fancy Easter outfit for me today. Kate and I
met my dear sister, Lisa in Ogunquit, ME for brunch.

We then ventured out for a walk on the beach

It was a beautiful clear sunny day, but the wind made it very chilly. We still enjoyed our time and had some silly fun to keep our hearts warm.

Then we headed home. Brian stayed home today to take advantage of the clear skies to get some chores done. We were down to the last of our stacked wood for the wood stove which gives that extra boost of heat to our home to take the chill off. He went back into our woods and got another load that should hopefully last until the warmer temperatures arrive here. Then did a little prep work in the garden. He had a blissful day playing farmer. Lucky me that he enjoys doing the farm chores. I love having our land but it is a ton of upkeep. Here is Brian spreading some seaweed to nourish the soil of our garden
Then time for a little rest and time to play with Buddy who came across a bone that I think has been buried for the winter months under the snow.

Next came the Easter egg hunt that Kate requested. Her friend Morgan came to join in the fun. It was a lovely Easter day. Peaceful and relaxing spent with my loving family. Happy Easter Memories!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Adventures of Organizing and Tax Preparations

Well I am tackling a the big project this week ! I have to organize my home office and prepare my taxes. As you can see my home office is in much need of a make over. Brian has had enough of my piles. A couple of weeks he took the old black file cabinet out of the garage and moved it in next to my desk. To be frankly honest I am quite ashamed of this corner of our home and it is mostly my mess. With bills and mail on the desk it is a chore to do any work here.
This is my current file system. Piles and baskets of papers. This year has been over the top when it comes to my lack of preparing for taxes. It is the reason for me putting it off to the last minute.
I have started some organizing ,but with the deadline for taxes approaching just around the corner I have some serious work to do this week. I have to admit that I hate taking care of the business end for my art studio, but as I am still in the start up process I need to pinch pennies and take care of this myself. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have a new filing system with all the papers in their proper files and maybe a few photos of this space with new decorative touches to make this once dreaded corner a place where I am happy to spend my time taking care of business. If you have any great organization tips I would love to hear them.