Monday, September 10, 2012

Squam Art Fair...Magic abounds here!

This Saturday, September 15th is the Squam Art Fair
A one night event that abounds with art, creative souls, in a setting that is beautiful and is a purely good magic. From all my travels and journeys this is one of the most special finds!

Vendors here (stop by say "hi" and I'll have new originals and prints available too!)
and directions here

See you there, Caryn Lynn

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

You will trust yourself to try something will be wonderful
You will be brave & daring...what did you fear? Letting go will allow you to experience life fully!
You will make a wish... then realize it has already come true
You will discover that You are the solid base for love...that each moment lived can be lived in the light of love.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You are Worthy of Your Heart's Desire

Secrets locked away from love, need to be released and set free. Brandi Carlile's song captured me, my soul, wishing for strength to continue to grow, live in truth, and to trust that I am worthy of my Heart's Desire. Uncaging the past, living here and now in life with love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Make a Splash Summertime Fun!

This summer we're making a splash and having fun in the studio! This week is the third of six weeks of art camps.
The kids are diving into their artwork and their creativity just radiates like the beauty of a rainbow. The work I do with them is a gift and blessing, to be able to teach them and share my passion for the creative process of art.
The kids take to creativity like fish to  water. This week is a blend of some new students.
And some of my students that I have had from my opening year of Creative Spirit Art Studio! Amazing to see them grow and flourish as young artists.
My demo piece in process for our painting class.
Live, Laugh, Learn, Love...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

An Evening of Beauty, Art, Fun, and Wonderful Creative Spirits

Mark your calendars, Saturday September 15th, 2012 the Squam Artist Workshops hosts their fall art fair and event not to be missed if you want to discover an evening of pure magic! It will be my fourth time as a vendor at this wonderful event
Held on Squam lake at the Rockywold Deephaven Camp, the setting is amazing, the vendors are so talented, the crowd fun, warm,  and friendly. For the most part I let the galleries that represent me take care of the selling of my work, something that I am very grateful for, marketing is a time consuming task that I am happy to have help with. But this art fair is one that I take pleasure in being part of, it is so worth the travel, the time it takes to pack and set up for. If you come you'll see an event that is extraordinary!
Here is a  photograph of my set up from the Spring 2011 Art Fair. Below is a peek of some new art that will be available this
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Living the Fearless Love of a Creative Life

 Deep in the heart of life, courage is building. Seeing each day as it comes, willing to embrace it all with a sense of wonder.
 A year ago I let go of  love, finding the strength that I need to leap into the void. I jumped trusting it was time. I have been rediscovering my needs, my passions, caring for my health.  What I found....myself.
Through out this journey I am learning, growing wiser, stronger, and self confident.
It is as if all the colors have been amplified and I am seeing life with endless optimism, gratitude, curiosity, and peace.

 Taking each day as it comes.  Being gentle with myself, meeting the edges of my limits, building endurance, it is all part of this fearless love for life.
 Change, beautiful change! It is what we can always count on. We can choose to embrace it and believe that the best may lie ahead.
 Opening our hearts with a knowing that we all just want love, peace and happiness in our lives.
I look forward to sharing with you, dedicating more time to this space. Offering stories of inspiration of fearless love in creative living! True gratitude for our journeys together, Caryn Lynn

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building on Love

This year I am working on a big dream built upon love. This love is where all of my inspiration comes from when I create my artwork.

It is a love of sharing the gift of the creative process through authentic exploration and discovery of self through art.

It is a respect for nature that provide us life.

Making family a priority and sharing our times of joy, sadness, celebration, and growth. Allowing our stories to connect and unite us all.

Opening our hearts to all the corners of the world and letting friendship in.

Trusting that we all have authentic gifts to share with the world.

Knowing that our gifts bring happiness and strength to others in need.

Practicing kindness and mindful living, looking for the best that the world has to offer and making that goodness part of who we are.

These times in my life have brought me to a true place of love. This year I am developing an inspirational guidebook for all you creative spirits who have a passion to discover, share, encourage,develop, build,grow and spread love in the world. It is going to be amazing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love within

The deep rich layers of life that encourages our souls to blossom.

The companions we meet along our journey who hear and understand our truth.The brave vibrant spirit that reveals beauty. All are blessings that nourishes the love within.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A return to Light

Happiness is a place of light, to know yourself and face the dark moments of life with love in your heart. For many months now I have been taking the time to work on reclaiming a stronger understanding of self, life, and how it intertwines creating my soulful journey. My artwork has always been my connection of soul, life, and creative process. It is the most wonderful gift and blessing. It has been my beacon on light through many dark stretches. It brings forth my truest connection to a place of love and acceptance. Last year proved to be one of my most challenging personal times. The ten year relationship that I was in came to an unexpected ending because of a lack of understanding and poor communication. On that journey of engaging in relationship I gave my full heart away and with the break up physically felt my heart split. It was only a few weeks ago that I was fully able to reclaim my heart, and along with that a clear understanding of the power that comes with holding your own heart. I am now on a new journey to connect myself with truth, creativity, sharing, love, and happiness. Each morning I wake up to Ollie, the sweet happiness, that Katie and I rescued weeks after moving into our new home.

My business has been holding strong and continues to grow. Teaching out of my studio connects my love for creativity and allows me to share a part of my soulful belief that being creative transforms life and teaches us how to take on challenges with a sense of adventure and play.

My new home is a reflection of what I love most in life. I am taking my time and carefully finding pieces to furnish and decorate it to mirror the peace and beauty that I hold so dear.

My office is the most challenging room so far, but it is getting there. I am working on becoming more organized. Filing is a skill that really challenges me. As you can see I didn't take full shot of the desk area because I am a bit overwhelmed by it. I am working on it, I bought another file cabinet and have high hopes to develop a better organized filing system.

What it all really comes down to is that I am moving forward, growing stronger and living happier day by day.