Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Living the Fearless Love of a Creative Life

 Deep in the heart of life, courage is building. Seeing each day as it comes, willing to embrace it all with a sense of wonder.
 A year ago I let go of  love, finding the strength that I need to leap into the void. I jumped trusting it was time. I have been rediscovering my needs, my passions, caring for my health.  What I found....myself.
Through out this journey I am learning, growing wiser, stronger, and self confident.
It is as if all the colors have been amplified and I am seeing life with endless optimism, gratitude, curiosity, and peace.

 Taking each day as it comes.  Being gentle with myself, meeting the edges of my limits, building endurance, it is all part of this fearless love for life.
 Change, beautiful change! It is what we can always count on. We can choose to embrace it and believe that the best may lie ahead.
 Opening our hearts with a knowing that we all just want love, peace and happiness in our lives.
I look forward to sharing with you, dedicating more time to this space. Offering stories of inspiration of fearless love in creative living! True gratitude for our journeys together, Caryn Lynn

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