Friday, August 5, 2011

The Heart Of Summer

In the center of my heart right I feel so blessed, lucky, special, and encouraged. This years summer camps at the studio were completely full and I received such an amazing response that I even added an additional week. Six full weeks surrounded by happy kids who light up my life with their creativity and passion for art.

Every day their enthusiasm brings me to my place of joy! It's what makes it easy to give my 110 percent to sharing my knowledge and love for art, and encouragement to help them continue on their creative path. I have to admit that as much as I am teaching me they are doing the same for me to help me on my creative journey.

Next week will be the final summer session and I am amazed of how the summer is just flying by.

To top off all of this wonderful goodness, I get to share it with my Katie. For the first four weeks of camps she returned as my camp helper. This past week she began her summer intensive with her dance company and I really missed having her by my side.

But she is always number 1 in my heart!