Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finding Time for Transition

As the summer is coming to a close I am cherishing the time of transition. I have a few weeks before I start teaching again and I am so in need of some rest and rejuvenation. My summer was so busy with work and travels. I am a little embarassed to admit that I only completed one new piece of artwork, which was a demo piece for my painting camp. I think that I have always had in my mind that summer is full of time to rest and relax. That during my lazy days of summer I would have time to paint to my hearts content. The truth is there were very few lazy days for me. I found myself working six days a week facilitating and preparing for my summer camp program. It is fantastic that I can see the growth in my creative business, but a little frustrating when I get down on myself for not having any creative energy left for my own artwork. I think that now that I know this I will at least be a bit more prepared mentally for next summer.

So in the next few weeks I am taking the time to reclaim my studio. Right now it is torn apart, I am adding a fresh coat of paint (changing up the colors a bit) and adding a few new touchs. I also stopped by the Art and Soul Gallery in Ogunquit and was thrilled to find out that my originals and prints are selling quite well. I have a hard time letting people help me, but I just love that Whitney, the owner of the gallery, does such a great job displaying my work and I that all I have to do is bring my work and she'll take care of the rest. I do plan to update my etsy shop soon. I am working on mounting prints of some of my originals that have sold onto gallery canvas. I paint the chunky edges so they blend in with the painting and its hard to tell that they are prints. I am longing to paint some new pieces and start with a bit of a new direction. In the meantime I am preparing, like a caterpillar that confines itself to a tiny cocoon, I am sitting, waiting, growing before I spread my wings and take flight.