Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caryn Duncan's October Art Show at the One Washington Center in Dover

Here I am climbing to new heights step by step. Today I delivered my newest pieces ( that I have to say are some of my all time favorites) to Daisy at the Galleries At One Washington Center in Dover for my first solo show here in New Hampshire. I was hard to let them go so soon after creating them, but it was so nice to see them in the gallery space. Daisy did a great job hanging the show...Thanks! The show will be up from October 1st through November 1st. The opening reception is on Friday Oct 10th from 5-7.
Hope to see you there, Caryn Lynn

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do what You Love, Love What You DO!

Katie, my sweet 12 year old, was heading off to her first school dance last night. She said to me that she had butterflies in her stomach... both excited and nervous and full of energy. I was so happy for her to be experiencing life to the point that she was exploding with energy. I told her to cherish the moment. Seeing her excitement made me realize that it is sad that as adults we often get caught up with our routines that we loose that excitement for life. It left me wishing for more of my own experiences that fill me with blissful emotion.
Well when I woke up this morning, at 4:30 something AM., all I could think of was my excitement for what I am living. So full of energy that I gave up trying to fall back to sleep. So here I am journelling my story. The phrase "Do what you love, Love what you do" taken from the back of a Life is Good mug was spiraling through my brain. My passion right now for the work that I am creating in my studio makes me feel like I am in love. My thoughts keep returning to my work and how much I am enjoying it. I feel like I am in a new place committed to myself and my artwork and I love it and can't wait to get back to the studio for more.
So I am doing what I love and I love what I do!
Life is Good, Caryn

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little Piece of Me

Today I am so happy because I have my camera working again. The past few weeks I have been dealing with some computer issues which then turned into a problem for me accessing files waiting to be downloaded from my camera. Thanks to some helpful guys at Circuit City I finally got the pictures downloaded.

I also made a trip to the print shop and am working on getting some limited edition prints of the new pieces that I have been working on. The Karma Goddess must have been with me today because everyone was so helpful and I love getting friendly service. Now I am one step closer to getting some work together to sell on etsy. I can't wait to get some feedback. I think that these latest pieces are some of my all time favorites. Please keep checking in I should have a sneak peek of my newest show that is opening in Oct in the next few days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here on the first full day of fall!

I love living in New England and experiencing the change of seasons, but today I find myself feeling a little sad saying goodbye to the warm growing season of summer. The flowers in my garden are still bright and beautiful and the glorious colors of fall are starting to emerge. This past weekend Brian, Buddy(our dog), and I spent the weekend camping in the White Mountains. It was a much needed getaway to spend time emerged in nature. I found myself looking at the natural patterns and colors and thinking of incorporating them into my artwork. We hiked into the Great Gulf Wilderness and my spirit soared as I took in the beautiful mountain views. It is such a delight to see the rolling curves in the horizon.It was great to be there but also good to come home. Being away also makes me appreciate the comfort of home. Feeling happy to see Katie and cherishing her lovely sweet nature.

Yesterday was a full day at the studio working on the pieces that are due next week for my October show and teaching classes in the afternoon. I feel like I am doing a better job at balancing my time for creating my art and teaching. Both are so rewarding and important to me.
I am so fortunate that I am living my dream and have work that I love!

Thanks, appreciation, and love,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New show opening on October 10th from 5-7pm

It has been a very productive week for me. I have been busy working on some great new pieces for my show at the One Washington Gallery in the Picker Building. I have found a new creative style. I have been incorporating a technique that I learned from a three day workshop that I took in August at Sanctuary Arts with Dustan Knight. I am incorporating that with some mixed media and getting some exciting results.

I need to make a correction on yesterdays posting. I have found out the the opening for this new show will be on October 10th (Fri.) from 5-7. The gallery is located in the picker building on the third floor (Washington St. in Dover) behind the building that my new studio is located in. If anyone would like further direction please let me know and I'll do my best to explain how to find it. I hope that you will come to see what I have been busy working on and join us for wine and cheese!



Spreading my wings and taking flight

Well I did it I have spread my wings and am taking flight into the realm of blogging. For all you who know me well and know my lack of knowledge in technology you are probably surprised to find me here, but I am expanding my horizons in hopes to expand my artistic community and share my creative path.

I have to pay tribute to a fellow artist, Kelly Rae Roberts, who I discovered quite by accident or maybe not. I have been following her inspiring story on her blog for the past year. She is an inspirational woman. She is following her dreams and creating beautiful artwork that I believe most woman could find connection with. I had the pleasure of meeting her this past weekend at the Squam Art Fair and I am hoping that our paths will cross again. If you would like to learn more about her you should go her website www.kellyraeroberts.com and take a peek at what she is doing.

It has been a little over a year since I opened Creative Spirit Art Studio in Dover, NH. The picture that I posted is from the grand opening last year is me with my supportive friends (left to right Denise, Me, Megan, and Priscilla.) and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity of using the space to teach art classes and create my artwork. I have recently moved the location of Creative Spirit Art Studio to The One Washington Center, Suite 201 in downtown Dover, NH. It was alot of work to move and get the space ready, but I have to say I love, love, love my new space. Classes are in full swing and I continue to get calls or emails inquiring about classes. It is such a pleasure sharing my creative knowledge. I have met great friends and feel so appreciated. What a gift.

In regards to my own artwork, I have been busy working on a show that will be opening in early October at the gallery space in the One Washington Center. The opening will be Fri evening on October 2nd. I hope that you can save the date and come. I also am busy on getting a website up and running and I hope to soon be selling my original art and prints on the online shop www.etsy.com please continue checking my postings for more details.

Thanks you to all my family, friends, and students who provide the love and support that is the roots to my artistic journey.

Love you, Caryn