Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Caryn Lynn Duncan's New Originals at the Art and Soul Gallery

These past few days have been some marathon work days for me. I have been busy finishing some new originals. I am please with the fruits of my labor. This beauty sold within days of completion right out of my studio.

I brought quite a few new pieces to the Art and Soul Gallery in Ogunquit, ME.
This is my newest favorite. Every once and a while I really have to have a heart to heart with myself and remind myself that this is my path. As rewarding it is to be here, I often have to face my fear of failure and what that might mean for my future. It is pieces like this that really give me strength to continue my creative journey and know life is meant to follow your heart and bring to life your dreams. So with that thought here is a little piece to encourage all the dreamers in this world.
Dream! Dream! Dream!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Celebrating Life

Yesterday I heard an interesting statistic on the radio. Today June 20th was predicted to be the happiest day of the year. How lucky for me that my birthday falls on this date. I have never been a big party girl. I much prefer to celebrate with my closest family and friends. So as kind of ordinary as it may seem, I am choosing to just have a dinner and movie night out. It is actually a treat. I love going to the movies, but for some reason we rarely go. Hope your having a happy day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Playtime

Our summers here in New England are often much too short. This past May I was getting really excited because it seemed like summer arrived earlier than usual, but as things go here, the warm sunny days have turned into a long stretch of weather with clouds, rain and, below average temps in the 60's. Thank goodness for a little break we had this past Saturday. My daughter Kate hosted a going away party for a friend moving to Italy.
They had a great time taking over the back deck and yard. It's so refreshing to see them outside playing on the tire swing, creating an extension on the old slip and slide, and just being kids. Yesterday the rain and cold returned again, but I took advantage of it and gave myself the permission to stay home and relax a bit. We still have a week and half until school is out (make up days to ice storm and snow day cancellations.) I am looking forward to the end of school, the welcomed arrival of more hot summer days filled with outside play, swimming, walks on the beach, and picnics.

Friday, June 12, 2009


This is a photo of a couple of my younger students very busy during their art class. Tonight is the opening reception for my student's final art show. My weekly classes follow the school calendar and will be ending in a couple weeks. My head is already spinning with ideas for revamping the structure for next fall. I had quite the restless night waking to the pouring rain that began shortly before 2 am and not being able to get back to sleep until around 5 am. Needless to say I am feeling a bit slow and sleepy today. But it is a busy day and as much as I would love to climb back in bed and let myself have a little rest and relaxation I'll push forward to meet the day with a sleepy hello.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Gift of Friends

Friends feed each other's spirits and dreams and hopes; they feed each other with the things a soul needs to live. - Glen Harrington-HallAlthough I love having time alone in the studio to work through my creative process and recharge my batteries, I truly value friends. I believe that with the right people in my life it broadens horizons and enriches one's self. Yesterday I travelled down to the Starbucks in Newburyport to meet Gina, one of my newest friends, who is just an incredibly talented mixed media artist. She has a beautiful body of work on exhibit that just fills the Starbucks with wonderful color. I love that she is so open to share what inspires her, that she is willing to take a chance and experience new adventures, and that she really has a passion to create. During our coffee date we talked non stop for almost two hours. I am so grateful that our paths crossed and we are developing this friendship that is nourishing my creative soul, thank you Gina.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The point is to live everything. - Steven Potter

I had to stop and pause for a few moments to take a few photos this morning to breathe in the beauty that is unfolding in some of my gardens. I haven't been able to find much time to give them my attention this year. Life is very full creating my art, teaching classes, being a mom to a 13 year old girl, keeping my relationship with Brian vibrant, staying in touch with friends and family, running endless errands, trying to keep up with the house work inside and out, and planning for the future.
Lately it has just be busy, busy, and busier. Right now I should be getting ready to go drop off my student's work to the gallery for the end of the year show, but I am taking time to remember life. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and they remind me of my sweet Dad who always grew the most glorious flowers. He has passed on but will always stay with me in my heart. I have much gratitude for life and know that it is a gift to be cherished. So I embrace another week that is full.
Enjoy all that comes your way, Caryn

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unlock the Artisit Within

Today my heart is a bit aflutter. Last night I found out that Claudine Hellmuth will be teaching a three day workshop at ArtEscape in Portland, ME September 25th-27th. This is a photo of the back of her first book Collage Discovery. I love that phrase unlock the artist within. We all have the creative potential we just need to have a little faith and make the decision to embrace our creative spirits.
I am ever so grateful that I have listened to my heart and now well on my creative journey. It is not always easy and it does take time and effort to nourish dreams and bring them to life. I find that clear intention is the first step. Making the choice that you and your dreams are worth uncovering requires trust and a bit of vision. Acting on your dreams takes courage and time. I listened to my heart that was telling me you should be part of this event, I checked my calendar and I am going to ArtEscapes workshop taught by Claudine. Here comes another interesting aspect that makes me believe the more I acknowledge my dreams and take the first steps the universe will help me on my path. This morning after sending out a group email to try to generate some interest in finding someone else to go with in hopes to save a little money by sharing a room. I got a call from Gina Lee Kim, a mixed media artist that lives not too far from me down in Massachusetts. We haven't yet met in person but have been keeping in touch with each other through our blogs after we both receive this bloggers award from Lynda.

Well Gina had already signed up for the workshop and left a message asking me if I would be interested in sharing a room with her. We are taking a little leap of faith and trusting that we are going to get along great and enjoy sharing this experience together. We also made some plans to finally meet in person at the Starbucks on Market Square in Newburyport where Gina has her latest exhibit. So remember when your heart sends those whispers of dreams you need to listen and leap.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Art and Soul Gallery

I took a little side trip this weekend to check out my artwork at the Ogunquit, ME Art and Soul Gallery Whitney, the owner of the gallery, did a great job making a cheerful and whimsical display of my work.

I love the little added touches of the butterfly, how she went out and bought some black iron metal easels to display my prints (very similar to how I display at them at the studio), and a great little book Be Happy Remember to live, love, laugh, and learn that she also has for sale too. Of course I had to buy a copy.
Kate and I had fun taking pictures.
I was also thrilled to discover a display at the gallery with Kelly Rae's Demdaco gallery canvas prints.

Her artwork and creative journey have been such an inspiration for me. It was thrilling to see her artwork on the opposite wall from mine. Happy Day-Dreams blooming to life!