Saturday, May 30, 2009

Capturing the Sweeter Side

I spent some time capturing the sweeter moments in life yesterday. Here are some of the highlights. Me wrapped in some of my favorite colors surrounding myself with some color therapy. Finished another painting in my love bird series.
And worked on a couple more in progress.

Spent some time at one of our local garden centers. Bought a couple plants for gifts for some of my favorite people.

Received a lovely invite to an upcoming event.

And of course your comments from yesterday definitely sweetened my spirits. Thank you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet and Sour

I am sensitive and I feel my emotions strongly. I wish I could say that my moods were always as sweet and cheerful as my colorful artwork. But this is life and with the sweet we also get the sour. I have such a difficult time with my self when I get into those sour moods. I try talking my self out of them. I try ignoring those bitter thoughts. I look for inspiration in words and images. I count my blessings. I remind myself that moods change. It is really hard and uncomfortable. Right now I am in the midst of sourness. So I am acknowledging that with the sweet comes also the sour. Today I am searching for some balance between sweet and sour and hoping for some sweetness to come my way.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio space. It is located in an old mill building that has been renovated and now the home to some great local small businesses, art studios, and shops. It is right in the downtown of Dover, NH and is a convenient commute from my home which is a couple miles out of the downtown.
At my studio I have my original artwork and limited edition prints for sale. I have been busy mounting some of my prints on gallery canvases so that I can update my etsy shop. Here is a sample, after the print is mounted I finish the sides with a patchwork of papers and paint to give a wrap around finish.

The new shop update will happen next week!
Here is the work space. The painting on the easel is my ongoing project of the ever evolving tree. I use the tables for my works in progress.
One of my biggest challenges that I faced when I took this space was that there is no sink in the studio. I got creative and made this cleaning station. I have my storage container of water, containers, and brush cleaner. I think I use less water and am happy that I found an environmentally friendly solution.
Here is my little office space, it is almost like an over size closet. I have to say I do most of my office work at home. I try to keep my time at the studio devoted to creativity and teaching. This little room store supplies that I use frequently so I can quickly get my hands on them. I also have a little area tucked around the corner where I have my coffee maker so I can make hot water for tea. I love my "inspire me"wall. This room leads to another room, where I store lots supplies, it needs some organization and weeding out so I couldn't bring my self to take a photo of that space. When the kids in my classes occasionally follow me in there they always have a look of awe.
Well that is my studio. It is small, cozy with inviting colors and artwork. It brings me such joy to to be able to create and teach there. I hope you have enjoyed my little tour and thanks for visiting!


Today I am trusting my inner voice, the whispers of my soul. I am grateful for my creative spirit which has guided me throughout my life. I am inspired by the belief that making your dreams your reality is possible all that is necessary is trust, focus and time (start now.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remember to......

A little reminder I created this past weekend. Tomorrow this along with the rest of my newest pieces are off to the Art and Soul Gallery in Ogunquit, ME.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Spring always gives me the gift of grattitude for the abundance of life. The warmer weather gets me outside more often to just take a depth breath and enjoy the fresh spring air and the lovely sounds of the many feathered friends that come and make their home here. It is such a wonderful feeling to breathe. So often life gets to that busy place for me that I catch myself forgetting the importance of taking full breaths. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but I am guilty of being a shallow breather. So I encourage all of you to stop for a moment, kick off your shoes and enjoy this simple pleasure! Life is to short not to breathe in the joy and find some comfort in the every day abundance that surrounds us.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers,Daughters and Friends

Wishes for a lovely day to celebrate all the mothers, daughters, and friends today. It has been an exciting and busy week for me. I had a successful event at the 2nd annual One Washington Arts Festival yesterday.I really appreciate all of you who came and showed your support for me and the other artist that were there. Lately I have had many people tell me that my artwork is so cheerful. What a great feeling knowing that my work is bring happiness to other people. I know how hard life can be with unexpected loss and daily struggles. I can remember even when I was a little girl just wanting to bring happiness into the world, it feels like such an achievement to be able to do this with my colorful and whimsical artwork. After my busy day I had another art event in Portsmouth to attend. There was a wine tasting and art auction event to benefit Habitat for Humanity. I was very happy to donate this piece. It was part of the live auction last night and it was very thrilling to have people bid back and forth on my artwork.
I awoke early this morning, our dog Buddy was pacing back and forth ready to go wait outside for Brian to return home from his weekend visit with his mom in Long Island, NY. Brian was a bit torn going and missing my art events. His mom is such a wonderful lady that really doesn't ask for much so I think, without a doubt, that it was the right thing for him to go. It is a beautiful day here this morning with a crisp wind and the beauty of spring blooming. The early morning light was just right and I couldn't resist taking a couple photos.
Well I am off this morning go out for breakfast with Kate and spend some mother and daughter time together. I feel so blessed to be her mom. She is the best part of my world.
Love to all the mothers, daughters, and friends, Caryn

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Budding Ventures with Art & Soul

This has been an amazingly productive week for me. I have been working like a busy spring bee. I am so excited and happy to announce that this summer you will find my original artwork and limited edition prints at the Art & Soul Gallery on Shore Rd. in Ogunquit, ME. It is my favorite gallery in Ogunquit that is just filled with lovely, whimsical, and colorful artwork. I was so flattered when Whitney, the owner, approached me about selling my artwork there.
I want to share with you the finish pieces that I talked about reworking in my last post.
I love the new color combinations and how they evolved. These two will be many of my new originals that will be for sale this weekend at the One Washington Art Festival. If you are in the area please stop by this Saturday from 10-3 to take a peek at my new pieces.
Wishes for a joyful weekend,
Caryn XoXo

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Back to the Creative Groove

Ahh, sunny Jamaica! It's hard to believe that it was just two weeks from today that Brian and I set off for our much needed relaxing vacation to Jamaica. We have traveled to a few of the Caribbean Islands before, but I think we have found one of our new favorites. By the second day into our vacation I was sooo relaxed to the point that I can't remember when I felt so at ease and carefree. We stayed at the Grand Palladium and were very happy with our accommodations.
There were lovely sunsets, yummy food and tropical drinks, and friendly people. The size of the pool was quite amazing it wraps around the main building forming a crescent shape, I am not much of a fan swimming in chlorinated water so never actually made it into the pool. We went to the quieter beach that had all the water sports so that we could take advantage of the sea kayaks, Catamarans, and swimming in the warm Caribbean water. We also did a few excursions off the resort. My favorite was zip lining up in the mountains. We arrived home last week feeling refreshed, much to my surprised we came back to unusually warm temperatures. Spring is now in full bloom here. I absolutely love the color of the fresh greens, mixed with soft white and pink petals and a hint of burgundy from the buds still waiting to burst forth. It has inspired me to completely rework some of the pieces that have been laying around the studio.
I started off today trying to rework this piece. I actually spent a couple hours on it and was feeling totally in an artist block of where to go with it. I was really not happy with it. After lunch I was so frustrated I just squirted some limey green, yellow and pink paint out and in completely covered over the whole piece to give it new life. It is not quite done but I already love it so much more and it felt really good giving myself the permission to scrap it and start fresh. This week is a busy one for me. I participating at an Arts Festival this weekend and also coordinating the student artwork for the festival.
Last year i attended this festival and it had a great turnout. I will be doing some Spring cleaning and selling many my original pieces from last year at more than half off the original price. Its definitely time to let go and make room for some new work. If you are in the Dover area on May 9th from 10-3 please stop by, say hi, and check this event out!