Saturday, May 23, 2009

Studio Tour

Welcome to my studio space. It is located in an old mill building that has been renovated and now the home to some great local small businesses, art studios, and shops. It is right in the downtown of Dover, NH and is a convenient commute from my home which is a couple miles out of the downtown.
At my studio I have my original artwork and limited edition prints for sale. I have been busy mounting some of my prints on gallery canvases so that I can update my etsy shop. Here is a sample, after the print is mounted I finish the sides with a patchwork of papers and paint to give a wrap around finish.

The new shop update will happen next week!
Here is the work space. The painting on the easel is my ongoing project of the ever evolving tree. I use the tables for my works in progress.
One of my biggest challenges that I faced when I took this space was that there is no sink in the studio. I got creative and made this cleaning station. I have my storage container of water, containers, and brush cleaner. I think I use less water and am happy that I found an environmentally friendly solution.
Here is my little office space, it is almost like an over size closet. I have to say I do most of my office work at home. I try to keep my time at the studio devoted to creativity and teaching. This little room store supplies that I use frequently so I can quickly get my hands on them. I also have a little area tucked around the corner where I have my coffee maker so I can make hot water for tea. I love my "inspire me"wall. This room leads to another room, where I store lots supplies, it needs some organization and weeding out so I couldn't bring my self to take a photo of that space. When the kids in my classes occasionally follow me in there they always have a look of awe.
Well that is my studio. It is small, cozy with inviting colors and artwork. It brings me such joy to to be able to create and teach there. I hope you have enjoyed my little tour and thanks for visiting!


Gina Lee Kim said...

Caryn this looks fantastic. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for the tour (I appreciated's time consuming to photo, write, edit & post it all! I hope to visit someday and meet you in person.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Caryn Lynn! Great studio tour! Thanks for sharing! Wish mine looked as neat as yours.

Also, Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Congrats on the Renee award too! Have a great week!

Lisa :)

Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Hi Care,

Your space looks so lovely & creative and sends the good vibes! I was in Wellfleet at the Left Bank Gallery this weekend and spoke to the owner about your work. She is interested in being in touch. Remind me to give you her card this weekend. Looking forward to having you & K visit Mama Tierra!

KathrynAntyr said...

What a wonderful studio. Things are super busy right now but maybe this summer we can get together? My son will be in Colorado visiting his dad for all of July and 1/2 of August. I'll have more flexibility then. Let's schedule a play date or, maybe I can host an ArtParty at your studio and invite some WCA-NH members.

Gretchen said...

Wonderful space- How couldn't one not be inspired there! Love your work.

Also, appreciate your comment on my blog. It was truly a pleasure meeting you, too. I love how travel opens you up to seeing the world -and all things in it- from a different perspective.

my best,


Gina Lee Kim said...

Aw...thank you Caryn. There won't be an open reception at Starbucks this time around, but I'd love to treat you to a latte if you do drive down to Newburyport, MA :). My exhibit will be up for the entire month of June. I'd love to check out your studio in Dover, NH as well. It's not as spacious as mine, but you're welcome to visit me anytime! Our studios are only 30 miles of each other.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful studio tour, Caryn. I like picturing you at the works-in-progress table, creating away. "Kindness" is a beautiful piece. Love the color combination! Lorie

Birds of a Feather said...

What a gorgeous studio! My dream to have all in one spot, with different sections! I am all over the house, plus in my tiny studio!

Love to have you join us for our Mermaid Tea!

xo Heidi