Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers,Daughters and Friends

Wishes for a lovely day to celebrate all the mothers, daughters, and friends today. It has been an exciting and busy week for me. I had a successful event at the 2nd annual One Washington Arts Festival yesterday.I really appreciate all of you who came and showed your support for me and the other artist that were there. Lately I have had many people tell me that my artwork is so cheerful. What a great feeling knowing that my work is bring happiness to other people. I know how hard life can be with unexpected loss and daily struggles. I can remember even when I was a little girl just wanting to bring happiness into the world, it feels like such an achievement to be able to do this with my colorful and whimsical artwork. After my busy day I had another art event in Portsmouth to attend. There was a wine tasting and art auction event to benefit Habitat for Humanity. I was very happy to donate this piece. It was part of the live auction last night and it was very thrilling to have people bid back and forth on my artwork.
I awoke early this morning, our dog Buddy was pacing back and forth ready to go wait outside for Brian to return home from his weekend visit with his mom in Long Island, NY. Brian was a bit torn going and missing my art events. His mom is such a wonderful lady that really doesn't ask for much so I think, without a doubt, that it was the right thing for him to go. It is a beautiful day here this morning with a crisp wind and the beauty of spring blooming. The early morning light was just right and I couldn't resist taking a couple photos.
Well I am off this morning go out for breakfast with Kate and spend some mother and daughter time together. I feel so blessed to be her mom. She is the best part of my world.
Love to all the mothers, daughters, and friends, Caryn


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Cayrn, I am so happy the event went well. I do one next weekend. I have to get cranking!!! Beautiful morning photos and art thanks for sharing, Yes your work is cheerful and feminine and just plain Charming. We all need that in our lives. I feel so much change in the air lately and all for the better. I think the more of us that put art out there that has an up lifting feel. The more we can pass that on around and help be and bring the change we want to see in the world. Just thougths for the day and your post inspired them. Thanks Sweets, hugs julie

Lisa Valerie Blake said...


Nice photos and work. You always bring happiness to my heart and world, and it is only right that you should share yourself on a grander scale. I have always said that having you as a sister has been one of the truest blessings of my life. You have a creative spirit and a heart of gold. Shine on sister friend!

Lynda said...

Congrats on your success :) Sounds like you definitely had a busy weekend. Mother and daughter time sounds very relaxing in comparison. Thank you for following me. Have a good day.

Lynda said...

Thanks :) After yesterday I think I have come to the conclusion that cooking is much easier, lol. Still, it is fun! I just need to break up the process into two days instead of just one. Have a good weekend.