Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring in Full Swing

This week was so glorious, a perfect blend of studio time, family time and moments enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Yesterday I received my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine.
The five page featured studio article looks fabulous. It feels so good to be working hard and living my dream.

As much as I love my studio space, I had to soak in some of the beautiful weather at home. So the other morning, I grabbed a chair and table on our porch and created a little work space. I don't use my sewing machine very often for its traditional use. Right now I am working on a large order of my pockets of inspiration (sewn paper pockets with lovely inspirational messages tucked inside.)

Here's my work view from our wrap around porch. Everything is so green and full of life.
Cooking is another passion of mine. We eat a vegan diet, and grilled veggies are so delicious eaten outside on our back deck.

I love capturing our times together. Katie is getting to that age where she is spending most of her time with friends.
But she loves our tire swing, so Brian taught her how to make the knot to reconnect it to the rope

Spring is in full swing!