Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet and Sour

I am sensitive and I feel my emotions strongly. I wish I could say that my moods were always as sweet and cheerful as my colorful artwork. But this is life and with the sweet we also get the sour. I have such a difficult time with my self when I get into those sour moods. I try talking my self out of them. I try ignoring those bitter thoughts. I look for inspiration in words and images. I count my blessings. I remind myself that moods change. It is really hard and uncomfortable. Right now I am in the midst of sourness. So I am acknowledging that with the sweet comes also the sour. Today I am searching for some balance between sweet and sour and hoping for some sweetness to come my way.


Gina Lee Kim said...

Sending out cheerful vibes to you right now! I felt sour/disheartened around midnight last night. Just inner critic stuff like, "You think you're an artist?" to feeling sad about a hurtful incident. I've got to believe that the artist life is a lonely but worthy endeavor. That it's brave to fully feel what you're feeling (even while painting). Hope your day gets better and better and that things will turn around.

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Sending you lots of cheerful sunshine and big, warm smiles !!!
Hope you'll feel better very soon! I know these feelings very well myself, but I know one thing, that after rain, the sun shines again! Always!:)
I'm trying to focus on positive, beautiful little things; a butterfly, a flower, a beautiful song, a cup of chocolate, a smile, a little bird and suddenly I feel better!
A big, warm hug,
Sanda xx

Lynda said...

I completely relate to your feelings. I have the same issues and it aggravates me when I get all sour because I know that I should be more grateful. It is very hard to pull yourself out of those kinds of emotions. I wish you the best and hope you can get out soon :)