Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do what You Love, Love What You DO!

Katie, my sweet 12 year old, was heading off to her first school dance last night. She said to me that she had butterflies in her stomach... both excited and nervous and full of energy. I was so happy for her to be experiencing life to the point that she was exploding with energy. I told her to cherish the moment. Seeing her excitement made me realize that it is sad that as adults we often get caught up with our routines that we loose that excitement for life. It left me wishing for more of my own experiences that fill me with blissful emotion.
Well when I woke up this morning, at 4:30 something AM., all I could think of was my excitement for what I am living. So full of energy that I gave up trying to fall back to sleep. So here I am journelling my story. The phrase "Do what you love, Love what you do" taken from the back of a Life is Good mug was spiraling through my brain. My passion right now for the work that I am creating in my studio makes me feel like I am in love. My thoughts keep returning to my work and how much I am enjoying it. I feel like I am in a new place committed to myself and my artwork and I love it and can't wait to get back to the studio for more.
So I am doing what I love and I love what I do!
Life is Good, Caryn

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Lisa said...

Hi Care,

I love your blog! It is nice to hear your voice on the page, as well as see your creative spirit shining through. I am so happy for you, as you inspire me onward to my own creative talents. Lucky me! I like your photos, too. I will keep checking in from time to time, now that I have the correct address.

Go Love!