Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love within

The deep rich layers of life that encourages our souls to blossom.

The companions we meet along our journey who hear and understand our truth.The brave vibrant spirit that reveals beauty. All are blessings that nourishes the love within.

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Lisa Valerie Blake said...

GO LOVE! What a beautiful and reflective post, Care! I can feel the Truth of your Love in all of these sharings, and feel blessed to be on this journey in this lifetime to witness and learn from you in many ways. I wish for you the authentic and everlasting Love that flows through the spirit/wisdom heart mind/embodied awareness that reminds you constantly of your real self.

Thanks for posting the funny, pretty bad "eye opening" smile from Christmas time...not really a pretty picture of me, but helping me to transcend judgment and ego is a really good thing! And I remember what a lovely evening that was and many laughs and smiles. Thanks for always loving me as I am in the moment and for helping me to grow more kind and loving and gentle. Love you, ZaZa