Friday, February 10, 2012

A return to Light

Happiness is a place of light, to know yourself and face the dark moments of life with love in your heart. For many months now I have been taking the time to work on reclaiming a stronger understanding of self, life, and how it intertwines creating my soulful journey. My artwork has always been my connection of soul, life, and creative process. It is the most wonderful gift and blessing. It has been my beacon on light through many dark stretches. It brings forth my truest connection to a place of love and acceptance. Last year proved to be one of my most challenging personal times. The ten year relationship that I was in came to an unexpected ending because of a lack of understanding and poor communication. On that journey of engaging in relationship I gave my full heart away and with the break up physically felt my heart split. It was only a few weeks ago that I was fully able to reclaim my heart, and along with that a clear understanding of the power that comes with holding your own heart. I am now on a new journey to connect myself with truth, creativity, sharing, love, and happiness. Each morning I wake up to Ollie, the sweet happiness, that Katie and I rescued weeks after moving into our new home.

My business has been holding strong and continues to grow. Teaching out of my studio connects my love for creativity and allows me to share a part of my soulful belief that being creative transforms life and teaches us how to take on challenges with a sense of adventure and play.

My new home is a reflection of what I love most in life. I am taking my time and carefully finding pieces to furnish and decorate it to mirror the peace and beauty that I hold so dear.

My office is the most challenging room so far, but it is getting there. I am working on becoming more organized. Filing is a skill that really challenges me. As you can see I didn't take full shot of the desk area because I am a bit overwhelmed by it. I am working on it, I bought another file cabinet and have high hopes to develop a better organized filing system.

What it all really comes down to is that I am moving forward, growing stronger and living happier day by day.

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Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Dear Care,

Thank you for sharing your journey with such open vulnerability, honesty, courage, and love. You will no doubt learn so much more on this next phase of your path. I believe in you now and have been so blessed to witness and cherish your journey of becoming as your sister and friend. You are a being of light and love. Your compassion has always been an inspiration.
Love you,