Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Memories

Here is a photo from Easter 1975 of my sister and me with our baskets. I found it first thing this morning. How did I tolerate the New England cold in that short sleeve dress? I guess I have gotten soft in the years. I still love wearing dresses, but mostly in the warmer months. No fancy Easter outfit for me today. Kate and I
met my dear sister, Lisa in Ogunquit, ME for brunch.

We then ventured out for a walk on the beach

It was a beautiful clear sunny day, but the wind made it very chilly. We still enjoyed our time and had some silly fun to keep our hearts warm.

Then we headed home. Brian stayed home today to take advantage of the clear skies to get some chores done. We were down to the last of our stacked wood for the wood stove which gives that extra boost of heat to our home to take the chill off. He went back into our woods and got another load that should hopefully last until the warmer temperatures arrive here. Then did a little prep work in the garden. He had a blissful day playing farmer. Lucky me that he enjoys doing the farm chores. I love having our land but it is a ton of upkeep. Here is Brian spreading some seaweed to nourish the soil of our garden
Then time for a little rest and time to play with Buddy who came across a bone that I think has been buried for the winter months under the snow.

Next came the Easter egg hunt that Kate requested. Her friend Morgan came to join in the fun. It was a lovely Easter day. Peaceful and relaxing spent with my loving family. Happy Easter Memories!


Jill Nalette said...

Wow, Caryn those are some great photo's. It looks like everyone enjoyed their Easter. Chris and I too took a walk on the beach. It was a bit chilly in CT but well wroth going for a walk.
Miss you and hope your well.
Love,Hugs and Smiles,

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos, Caryn. I wish for you warm weather now that it's mid-April!
Lorie from the Nest

natalie hansen said...

Your daughter is gorgeous Caryn!