Monday, April 6, 2009

Adventures of Organizing and Tax Preparations

Well I am tackling a the big project this week ! I have to organize my home office and prepare my taxes. As you can see my home office is in much need of a make over. Brian has had enough of my piles. A couple of weeks he took the old black file cabinet out of the garage and moved it in next to my desk. To be frankly honest I am quite ashamed of this corner of our home and it is mostly my mess. With bills and mail on the desk it is a chore to do any work here.
This is my current file system. Piles and baskets of papers. This year has been over the top when it comes to my lack of preparing for taxes. It is the reason for me putting it off to the last minute.
I have started some organizing ,but with the deadline for taxes approaching just around the corner I have some serious work to do this week. I have to admit that I hate taking care of the business end for my art studio, but as I am still in the start up process I need to pinch pennies and take care of this myself. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have a new filing system with all the papers in their proper files and maybe a few photos of this space with new decorative touches to make this once dreaded corner a place where I am happy to spend my time taking care of business. If you have any great organization tips I would love to hear them.


paperbird said...

oh I am the worst at organizing my papers and such- wish I had some great ideas for you.
Your paintings are gorgeous!

Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Good that you are seeking cosmos out of the chaos, Care! The pile making gene seems to run in the family, as I think of Mom's desk at her house and Dad's at his. Neither had a visible work surface, so it is good to tackle this disease head on! My piles have shrunk but still surround my desk area at home like a little fortress! Laurie, of course is the opposite, so I have tried to pick up some good new habits from her. What I have noticed, is 98% of the time, remarkably, I know which pile to unearth in order to put my finger on what I need! Adaptive techniques, perhaps! Good that Katie K seems to have inherited some sense of order and organization! Looking forward to Easter Sunday Brunch & hopefully a walk at the beach. Talk to you tomorrow. Good luck with your admins!
Go Love,

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Yes you do have your work cut out for you ... I just moved my studio WOW and i have yet to do my taxes UGH ! oh well Hugs Julie