Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love and adore myself

Today I read another great blog post from one of my fellow art nesters, Jolee Jane, and her post absolutely inspired me.
After reading her post I was tempted to go to my mirror and write I love and adore myself to use a prompt for me to say these words while looking at my image. Well I didn't write the words because I thought Brian would wonder what in the world I was doing writing this on our mirror. I did repeat this statement aloud about three or four times and each time it made me smile more. Even though it felt great to do this I felt a bit silly. I think I have been programed to feed into our societies judgemental criticism of women, success, our bodies, and keeping up with the Jones's. I often hear that little voice in my head that I am not good enough just as I am (bringing tears to my eyes, so sad to admit this.) But I am getting to the point that I am starting to whisper back I am good enough. I love and adore myself because I am embracing my dreams to live a creative life that is uniquely mine. It is bringing me strength and hope of sharing the joy of the creative journey with others. My artwork has meaning and connection to who I am and I love that! So please, run to your mirror and say aloud "I love and adore myself" while looking at your image. It may be hard, you may have tears, but say it mean it and repeat it until you believe it. Any thing is possible when you love and adore yourself!


Lisa Valerie Blake said...

I love and adore you, too! I have had a rough start to my day. I literally ran over (not with the tires) a neighbor's chicken this morning on my way into Brunswick. White feathers flying over my car as my heart sank. I pulled over and slipped on a pair of old gloves I keep for just such moments. Lo and behold, the poor creature was still alive! My heart sank. I picked it up gently & brought it to the yard, and stayed with it a while in the morning sunshine. As I went to check on it after leaving my neighbor a note about the incident, I noticed the other birds around it. I thought, "Oh, that is good, they are giving it some company." Until I noticed them starting to pick at it! So I quickly picked up some cedar boughs and made make shift nest/healing fortress for it and again tenderly placed it down. I hope it has some respite and saw that it could still move around quite well, except a leg is broken! I felt so sad about it all. I tried to love myself, but was berating myself about not seeing it in the road and being more alert. I wasn't speeding or on the cell phone, but I must have been distracted. Well, that could bring tears to my eyes, the poor creature, but I love myself for trying my best after I messed up both of our mornings!
Could use a sister hug about now! Love, Lise

Jill Nalette said...

I think every women needs to do more self love. We often forget how important we truly are. I know I need to do more. Keep up with your positive statements Caryn. Have fun in Jamaca!!
Love Ya,

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Loved this and the fun bright color!!! and then I popped over to Janes blog to see the mirror hugs Julie

paperbird said...

Great post Caryn.

Carla said...

I can so relate Caryn. The voice whispering in my ear is alive and well. So it is energising to see that you are doing something and countering your negative thought with some strong positive ones. I am going to love and adore myself too. Thanks for this!

Gina Lee Kim said...

I have this too! It's a K & Company decorative tag. But I like your words on it. I'm too afraid to mess mine up.