Tuesday, October 7, 2008

25 Random Things That Make Me Happy

I found this from Karina in New Orleans at herlandstory.blogsot.com and it was just what I needed to bring a smile to the start of my day. Thanks!
25 Random Things That Make Me HAPPY!
1. Random acts of kindness
2. Whimsical images of birds
3. Getting a card from a friend
4. Shades of Blue
5. Spending an hour in a great art store exploring new materials
6. Hot showers
7. Laughter
8. My pets
9. Receiving a compliment
10. Taking a walk in nature
11. Real Maple Syrup
12. Sunflowers
13.My daughter's smile
14. An unexpected gift
15. The first snowfall of the season
16. Spoonful of Loving Chocolate Cake
17. Picking veggies from my garden
18. Floating on my back on a clear summer day and looking at the sky
19. Swirling spirals
20. Flip Flops
21. Butterflies
22. Sharing
23. Taking a nap on a rainy day
24. Making new friends
25. The song Dear Pruedence

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