Thursday, October 16, 2008

Expanding Creative Community

Ever since I moved to Dover, NH I have been trying to expand my creative community. I have been longing to form a group of like minded women to share our creative ideas, our journey of the creative process, and our artwork. During the years I have met a variety of people and have expanded my community. However I have this vision of a group of women, who are all following their own paths and interests with their creativity, that come together and honestly and openly be brave enough to share their stories while having fun playing with the process of making art. I want this to be a special group that commits to making the time because they place value in nourishing their creative selves and recognize what a positive influence being part of group can hold. I see this group sharing ideas, knowledge, their most favorite and loved art materials and techniques while laughing, experimenting, discovering, and learning from one another. I want us to come together like this beautiful collection of paper in this gourmet scrap bag. Bringing together our individual patterns, textures, and colors to enhance ourselves as a part of a unique and exciting group. If you are interested in expanding your creative community please contact me and lets make a date to share our interests and ideas.

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