Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Magically Delicious Day

Today I had a magically delicious day spent in Portland, ME. I made some spontaneous plans to meet my sister and have a day together . We had lunch at my most favorite restaurant( The Green Elephant- it's all vegetarian and heavenly), hung out at the coffee shop, found a fantastic specialty paper shop and spotted this fun wall of graffiti. Love it! Thanks for the sister time Lisa.
XOXO Caryn

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Lisa said...

Well, I can only say I wish that Laurie and I lived closer than 2 hours plus drive away, because we'd join your creative spirit women group in a heartbeat! Thanks for posting me and Lucky on your blog; nice caption,too!

I think you will draw the inspiration out of some women who maybe don't see themselves as artist types. I hope they will trust your passion, joy, skill, and guidance to introduce them to a whole new way of seeing and being in the world. I am thrilled for you, Care! Your energy and commitment to the creative life is a blessing to your community and the planet.
Go visceral visual Love!
Hugs, Lise