Saturday, October 11, 2008

Embracing Chance

Last night was the opening reception for my solo show at The Galleries at One Washington Center. My emotions before hand were taking twist and turns like a roller coaster ride excited, nervous, happy, and sad. I have to say I wasn't quite expecting that. I felt that I should be feeling all good and wasn't sure why or where those unwelcome feelings were coming from. I have been working on allowing all of my emotions (especially the ones I don't want to feel ) surface and live the truth that life is about the experience and how we grow from there. Well I have to say that once on my way I was feeling much better. When I saw the balloons outside the gallery I felt even better. It was an evening shared with new people and some very good friends and loving family. Thank you to all who came to show your support. It was the icing on top of the cake!

After the opening I had a chance to have a lovely dinner with my family. My sister, Lisa, was telling me about the night that she got to go see Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray , Love) and hear her give a talk in Portland, ME. Something the way my sister phrased "having the chance to hear Elizabeth Gilbert" struck a cord with me. It made me really think about the opportunities that enter our lives and embracing chance. Last week I a received a link from Kelly Rae Roberts about the Art Nest Winter Retreat. She and Mati Rose are both teaching workshops there and I immediately thought about going and being part of this experience. Well after looking at the price, thinking about sharing a room with a stranger, worrying about having to fly in winter weather conditions I started to talk my self out of going. I thought maybe another time, maybe they will be at the Squam Art Retreat next summer so maybe I could take a workshop with them then. But last night when my sister mentioned "having the chance" all I could think of is I have a chance to go and be part of the Art Retreat and take a workshop with someone who has inspired me as an artist. So I am embracing chance and looking forward to flying to The Nest.

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