Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back From the Art Nest

Wow what a week, I returned home this past Monday from my trip to the art nest in Utah and my head is still spinning. It is so hard to jump back into the real world after having three full days of making art and having all our needs taken care of by Julie and Candice, the two amazing women who put together our cozy nest retreat. I entered my world during the tail end of the big snowstorm we had here on the east coast. It was so wonderful to be back to my home, even though I was enjoying the early spring like weather with pansies planted and tulips budding in Salt Lake City. I have never felt such home sick feelings as I did during this trip. It really made seeing my sweet Kate, Brian and pets so emotional for me. Today was the first day that I actually felt like I could start breathing again. Brian, Buddy and I went to Kingman farm for a lovely cross country ski. Then we returned back home and sat on our front porch to enjoy some down time in the afternoon sunshine. I took some time also to download my photos from the art nest and posted them on flickr. I feel a bit more grounded and ready to process my whole experience from the art nest. I am looking forward to sitting back and creating in my art journal tomorrow to put down and release what I learned about myself from this whole experience.


m i c h e l l e said...

Oh I should get myself a copy of that book. It was fun how Kelly Rae just opened it up and found some words that meant something at that moment!

It's funny you mention homesickness. I've been taking trips to art retreats for a couple years now. I didn't used to get homesick but there was a trip to Omaha, NE last November and then with this one, I truly became homesick and just couldn't wait to see my family and our sweet cats! That was why I painted a cat in Kelly Rae's class...I was missing my cat!!!! :-)

Your daughter is beautiful, btw. But why am I not surprised? :-)

Hugs to you...

julie haymaker Thompson said...

Jut saying Hi!!!

Jill Nalette said...

Caryn~ It was great to hang out with you and my old classmates. I enjoy being around the creative energy. I will see you for class tonight. Wow, the picture of Katie is beautiful because SHE is beautiful just like her mom.
Love, Smiles and Hugs,

paperbird said...

Hi Caryn, I emailed this message below to all the Art Nest Peeps, but yours came back for some reason, any way I hope you are well and continuing to create. I love your style- you are a bird girl like me. Have a lovely day- oh and your daughter is so pretty!

Hello Peeps,
It has been a busy two weeks since I have returned home from the Art Nest retreat. I promised I would post my chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog and I have finally done that. Cute karen, ( has also posted my recipe.
Tonight I hope to be finished with all my chores and obligations so tomorrow is a paint day! Soooo excited!
I miss you all,


Julie Collings said...

dear caryn, i have been enjoying so much the painting i bought from you. each time i see it i smile.
thank you for such a lovely gift, julie

Gretchen said...

Such a good book. I attend a weekly creative improv class taught by 2 people who have studied with Gay and Kathryn Hendricks. Amazing people. Also, your daughter is unusually adorable!