Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Busy Bird Getting Ready For the Art Nest Retreat

I have been in a creative whirlwind lately getting ready for my trip to the Art Nest Retreat.
Organizing my art, prints, and scrap bags for the art sale.
And finishing up a bunch of new small mixed media pieces featuring lots of birds and the start of a new series "She carries...."

Here is "She carries Joy", I am hoping to create a couple of pieces in Kelly Rae's workshop to add to this series while learning some of her techniques for painting the girls. It's hard to believe that in three days I'll be in Utah. In the meantime I still have lots of packing to do, some last minute travel arrangements to make, and hoping to get my studio cleaned up so when I return it will be ready for me to share what I learned on this blissful creative trip.


Jill said...

Caryn~ I'm soooo excited that your going and that you'll be sharing all of what you learned. I can't wait to hear all about it next Wednesday(if not sooner) I love your new pieces.
Enjoy and be well.
Love Ya and Smiles,
P.S. Please say hi to Mati and Kelly Rae for me!!

Gretchen said...

Hi Caryn- Yor artwork is amazing and adorable! I especially love your "kindness" piece-- her beautiful expression. And your birds-- so lovely. Thank you for sharing your site with me!



www.juliehaymaker said...

Hi Caryn ,This piece is just Prue delight!!!! I loved peeking at all the studio pictures on your website. What a sweet space so cheery and bright. I feel so filled and ready to paint more after nest it was the best!!!! I loved meeting you and hope to see you again please keep in contact in blog land please... Hugs Julie Oh P.s. I am having trouble with emailing you the list of emails. I will keep trying but I my need to send put an addedum with the emails that are not right and therefor not going through.

m i c h e l l e said...

Hi Caryn....It was such a treat to meet you!!! And now looking through your blog, I am feeling honored (and smart!) that I purchased your "She CarriesJoy" piece. It was so nice that when I showed it to my family, they oohed and aahed over it too! The artwork is amazing and the message is so powerful. I'll need to keep up with your work so I can check out the companions you create for this piece! :-)

Big hugs to you, and again, I'm so glad I know you!

julie haymaker thompson said...

Hi Caryan, Thanks for the supportive comment. You too came back to a heavy schedule . I feel better when I hear other artist who teach share their stories and or feeling. I would love to have you for a class We could get to know each better too Always a bonus while making art . I will keep in touch I am going to be a much better blogger. It is important to keep in touch with like souls Jugs Julie Oh Ps once again... sweet whimsical work!!! I do love whimsy !!!