Friday, March 13, 2009

Working with Kelly Rae's 3 Second Rule and a Journal Page Dedicated to Kate's 13th Bday!

Last week while teaching my art journal class, I was demonstrating Kelly Rae's three second rule for creating a patchwork background. I struggled with the whole 3 second rule during the art nest retreat. I am so used to carefully choosing my colors and patterns of paper that I incorporate into my work. I was amazed how Kelly could just randomly grab a piece of paper, tear it and paste it to her background in just about 3 seconds. Her results were beautiful!
I went into the art nest retreat with the intention of placing myself in the roll of the student, not the teacher, and tried my hardest to follow the instruction. So I did best to let go and just randomly pick my papers. My end result was not all I had hoped for. I seemed to cover most of my patterns and images with paint.So I knew I needed some more practice with this technique. Much to my delight, my results here brought to life a background that I decided to use to dedicate to Kate turning thirteen. When I was finished I had a beautiful background with a birthday cake image still left glowing through a transparent layer if colorful paint. Next came the words to share how wonderful and privileged I feel being Kate's mom.
So here is to life as a mom of a wonderful person who turns 13 today on Friday the 13Th. I am so lucky and blessed share a journey in life with you Kate. I love you sweetie!


paperbird said...

Hi Caryn,
Your Daughter will love coming home to the Aroma of fresh baked cookies and She will love the fact that they were baked especially for her! It is so important to make pour little peeps feel special.
Thank you for your comment on my little Lou Lou (my nick name for her) she is a sweetie and I am so happy to have her in my life. I'm sure you know hat I mean.

Blessings to you Caryn.

m i c h e l l e said...

What a beautiful piece of art, Caryn! And it sure sounds like you are making your daughter's golden* birthday so very special!

* Turns the age as the day of your birthday. :-)

Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Caryn & Katie,

You are 2 of the most precious and special people I know. Each of you is so creative and fun in your own way and make the planet more beautiful just by being on it.

I am so glad I can be here to celebrate K's golden birthday, her 13th on Friday the 13th. Lots of power to you, Special K! And even more love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any retreats on south shore Mass?