Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day Of Spring

A big warm welcome to the first day of Spring. What a pleasure to sit outside while eating my lunch. The birds were singing and it was warm enough in the sunshine to venture out with just a long sleeve shirt and vest. Oh how I am so ready for warmer weather and the change of seasons. I had fun with the little ones at the preschool making spring watercolor landscape paintings. They are so cute and say the sweetest things. Then I headed over to the studio and had an amazing day in sales of my paintings and prints. Selling my artwork is always like frosting on the cake. It is so heartwarming when people come in and fall in love with my work. When others show their true appreciation its such a boost to my spirits. Plus now I have the room to make some new art to fill the empty spots on my studio walls. It also planted the seed that I need to work on my marketing so that I can make purchasing my artwork a little more accessible. Time to revamp the web site and submit some articles to a few of my fav mixed media magazines. Spring is definitely the time to spread my wings, branch out and say YES to new adventures in an ever blossoming artistic life.


Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Hi Care,

Awesome that you did some great sales! Hope the spreading of your wings will take you flying high. Love the birdee in the painting. I am not sure how to add additional photos onto my blog, maybe I need to change the format? i just have that one big one with the flower and bee. What's new beyond the world of art? I had a good meeting at the high school in Yarmouth yesterday & will begin teaching Mindfulness 101 on April 8.
Will try to call you this weekend. Need to talk.
Love you,

Martha Lever said...

Hi, Love this painting and love that sweet bird. I will try more of the open acrylics and see how they do on the portraits. The shiva does smear---you have to be careful with that. I hate it when that happens! Thanks for visiting today!