Friday, December 26, 2008

Scraps of Love this Holiday Season

I am thankful for all this holiday season has given to me. It has been full of a variety of experiences, some wonderful and peaceful and others pushing my limits of emotional comfort. My Christmas celebration was relaxed which is a big gift. I have so many memories with tears of melt down from the stress and pressure that used to be the norm.

This year we shared a warm and cozy Christmas Eve and Morning with family at our house. We ate yummy food, played Katie's new game Apples to Apples, exchanged gifts, and let go of expectations just enjoying our time together. By Christmas afternoon everyone had left to be with other family and friends, our house was quiet and I actually had the luxury of crawling back into bed to take a much need nap. Then in the evening Brian and I headed to the movies to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a terrific story of life, growth and death.

It is now the day after Christmas I woke to find Brian already off to work, Katie is spending a few days with her dad and I am here peaceful and calm with my sweet Abby Cat by my side. Today I hope to go into the studio and paint for a while. I do have a few gift exchanges to take care of and I really need to start researching cameras. Mine is on its very last legs. I was trying to take a few shots this morning and had little success. The one above is of an incredibly cool gift from Brian of an antique scrapbook just bursting with goodies to incorporate into my artwork. He bought it years ago, pre Caryn and Brian (this is our 8th Christmas together), at an antique store. Some times I can't believe how long he holds onto things. He really uses things and doesn't like to shop and replace unless something doesn't work. Sometimes it can be a bit bothersome because I tend to want to replace things before their time. Well I was so happy when he pulled this out of his stash of keepsakes. It was a perfect gift.

So here are the last two pieces for the December giveaway. The sweet love notes that I have received have brightened my days and I am hoping for a couple more to go along with these two pieces. I'll be contacting the winners of the prints next week. To enter a chance to win a limited edition print of one of these pieces just leave me a comment with your love note. Take a minute and think of love, write down your thoughts and share your tender heart!

Spreading the Love, Caryn

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