Thursday, January 1, 2009

What is stopping you from living your dreams this new year?

A new year is just starting and there are so many things that I want to do. At times I almost feel paralyzed from trying to do it all. Sometimes I am wandering back and forth from task to task just trying to decide what to do first. I envy the people who can make a to do list and then actually follow it up. If I were to actually make a list it would be incredibly long and I would be so overwhelmed. What I have learned that helps me is to choose a few things to focus on. It often takes me day, weeks or even months to accomplish them. The one thing I can say for myself is when I do finally get to a task I really put my heart and soul into it.

Last year was a really good year. Some of the highlights for me are that I found a great new studio space that I love, I created my website , I have started the process of getting my work into public shows, I got to meet Kelly Rae Roberts and registered for the Art Nest Winter Retreat which she will be teaching at, and I am slowly expanding my creative community.

So I wonder what is in store for me this coming
year? Here are some of my dreams for 2009. I will share my love of mixed media with others who want to learn and experience the joy of this creative process. I will buy myself a new digital camera. This spring I will organize an Artist Retreat for the women in my expanding creative community. I promise to myself that I will work at the practice of art journalling and let my voice continue to emerge in my artwork. I will nourish my spirit and body by returning to my yoga practice, something that I really neglected in 2008, in hopes for a balanced and healthy new year!
So what are your dreams for 2009? Share them with me and you will be entered for my January giveaway. This months giveaway will be a goody bag filled with some art materials, papers, and wonderful embellishments that are just waiting for you to use in your own artwork.
Have a dreamy new year!
Love, Caryn


dolls like us said...

Last year I said I would lose wieght and finish a new book but I am a mile behind on house work .

Martha Lever said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and thank you so much for your encouragment! oxox