Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Things about ME!

1. This is one of my all time favorite photos of Katie (taken 5 years ago when she was 7.) It brings tears to my eyes looking back at how she has grown and thinking of how being her mom has been the most amazing moments of life!

2. I start every day with a cup of tea.

3. I am a vegetarian and love to cook but hardly ever use a recipe.

4. I love the ever changing weather in New England and don't think I could pick a favorite season because they all have so much beauty to offer.

5. I need to exercise more.

6. I love to dance especially with Katie, who is developing into a fantastic modern dancer. I wish I could move my body in a way to make it look so fluid and graceful. I used to think I was a good dancer, but age is creeping up and I am not so flexible. Kate tries to teach me, but it just becomes humorous. We laugh so much, it is incredibly fun no matter what it looks like.

7. I love being around other people but I need to spend some time every day alone to recharge my batteries.

8.It has taken my 22 years of creating art to feel comfortable enough to call myself an artist.

9.I wish that i could really keep my things organized. I am organized to the point where I know where most things are and can put my hands on them. This is an area I really could use some help with. I don't even use a file cabinet. I have piles around my desk.

10. Brian and I have been together for over 7 years. Neither of us can remember the date of our first official date. We have been living together for quite a while now. Yup can't remember exactly what year that was just that it was summertime.We are not married and I am totally comfortable with where we are and think that our relationship is so much better than most married couples.

11.I have a great big love of a dog, Buddy, and two cats Abby and Tessa( she thinks she is a dog like Buddy and will even follow us on walks into our woods.)

12.I love my studio space and feel so creative there.

13.I have never had lofty dreams of making a living on my artistic talents until this past year. I have big dreams to teach, inspire others with my artwork, spread the joy of the process that comes when you create art, and have a wide circle of a creative community.

14. I like watching the TV show What Not To Wear, i love nice clothes and makeup, and think what a blast it would be to be handed $5,000 to shop in NYC.

15. Both my parents died at somewhat of an early age ( my dad was 60, mom was 65). It makes me worried about growing old, being healthy, and getting Kate to a point where she can take care of herself.

16. I like to take care of with how I treat people and the world around me. My sister's nick name for me is Care, she say it fits me perfectly.

Now you have been tagged. I would love you to share 16 things about you.


Jolee Jane said...

Hi Caryn-
I really enjoyed your post- and look forward to meeting you at ARTNEST im not sure I can put my 16 thoughts down as well as you did but I will give it a try;)

Denise S. said...

Another gal looking forward to meeting both of you at ArtNest.
No blog so a few random facts about me,just don't know if I will make it until 16.
1.George Washington and I share the same birthday although he is just a bit older than me.
2.Born in the desert Southwest
3.I have one son born 2 days before me an another one born 7 days after me and he is a leap year baby.
4.My mornings start with 4 cups of hot tea,sometimes white and sometimes black.
5.I used to work at the Carlsbad Caverns when I was a teenager.
6.I raise laying hens for their beautiful,tasty eggs.
7.I am an extreme dog lover and so are my kids.
8.Love to read and own dozens of books,hardback and softcover.
9.My next anniversary will be 35 for my DH and I.
10.Purple or lilac are my favorite colors.
11.I just had my 4th grandson born on December 11th.
12.I am terrified of snakes,any kind.
13.I love the outdoors and hope to spend more time getting to go camping in our vintage camper this year.
14.We have a backyard pond and really big goldfish in it.
15.I own and ride a gorgeous purple Vespa.

Azul Valentina said...

Hi Caryn,
I really enjoy reading your blog, I love your artwork, and I would love to live in New England too. Best wishes and have a great weekend!

paperbird said...

Hi Caryn, I enjoyed your 16. It will be fun to meet you at the Art Nest. I just got the AWESOME handmade booklet from the Art Nest today. You will love it.
Stop by and say hello.