Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hoping You Will Participate in My Give Away!

I am a little behind on posting this weeks giveaway. I think you can all relate to the business of this season and how time just seems to be slipping through our lives. So I am finally finding a few minutes to ask for you to participate in this months give away. There will be four winners selected this month, each will receive a limited edition print of the images that I am using in my series of love notes, which by the way I am going to make into sets of cards. The originals are 6"x6" mixed media pieces made to look like cancelled stamps. So here is how you can participate. Send me a little love note, this can be a few simple well chosen words, it could be your favorite poem, it could be some touching music lyrics(speaking of which check out my new playlist on the blog you can use the pop out and listen even while you are not on my blog. My favorite song is "When she loved me by Sarah McLachlin because it reminds me of my sweet Katie!) Remember there are many loves: love of friends, love of family, and ohhh the bliss of romantic love. So send me a note of whatever kind of love that you may be inspired by. The winning love notes will be the inside messages for my set of cards. You can participate each week and increase your odds of winning and by doing so think of how lucky I'll feel to be receiving the joy of reading your love notes.
Love you,
Caryn XOXO


Jill Nalette said...

Love can be carried by not only our hearts, but our wings and voices.

It was good to see you Caryn. I'm so excited for Tuesday night!!!
XOXO and Smiles,

Lisa said...

Love is BLinD, Love is BOLD,
Love is New, Love is old,
Love is deep, Love is free,
Love is you, Love is me!

Love You!

Lisa said...

"It is only with the heart that one sees rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."

from The Little Prince

One of my all time favorite quotes!
xoxo & Loving Hugs,