Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In The Spirit Of Giving

Ti's the season for giving. I was up early this morning working on my monthly giveaway, but of course I had to check in with some of the blogs I enjoy following. I found a link on Herland Story which brought me to another cool blog, Art by Chrysti, that is doing a 29 days of giving for you. Check it out! For those of you who love to give to others you may feel connected to her story. For those of you who like to receive you have the chance to win some of her giveaways for the next 29 days. And for those who love to give and receive today could be your lucky day!

Well, back to my giveaway for the month of December. It is not a 29 day event, but it will be a month long event. My latest works have be mixed media pieces that use vintage images, sheet music, poetry, colorful paper, paint, and ink to create the finished pieces in the style of cancelled stamps. I have decided to call them my "love notes" and create card sets. This month I will be giving away four limited edition prints, one each week of the image posted. Here's how you can win. Each week check in to view the image and send me back a sweet love note that may be chosen to be the inside message for that image in the card set. Remember to check back each week for another opportunity to win.
Sending wishes for peace and love this holiday season,


Jill Nalette said...

Hi Caryn, I'm going to give this a try. I haven't written a love note in so long, so here I go...
Love is like a musical note, you can sing it all day long and it can be sung on a high or low note and you feel your heart smile.
Well, I gave it a shot.
Talk with you soon.
Love You,

Caryn Lynn said...
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Caryn Lynn said...

That's awesome! I just felt my heart smile. Thanks, Caryn

Anonymous said...

A Haiku for you:

the birds of winter
there is one thing not hidden
the love songs they sing

Love the birds!
Love you,