Sunday, February 6, 2011

sometimes you just have to stop to start

My focus this year is to engage in the process of discovery. Wanting to live life full on, spreading my wings and trusting that my journey will bring me to places that help me expand and grow. My mind and spirit are there and my wings are feeling a bit closed and tucked in for safety. Needless to say I'm having a little difficulty getting off the ground. I am working on this opening, here are some sketches that I did yesterday just on a piece of paper I pulled out of my recycling bin. I like to add words and phrases that come to me while I work. New ideas and stories spinning in my head waiting to be born on my canvas. And then there is this girl, my darling Katie, who my life revolves around. Being a mama to her is my first priority and I cherish my time with her. Now that she is in high school, that time mostly consist of driving her around to school, activities, friends, social dates, hosting sleep overs, shopping, watching silly videos, and cooking her favorite meals. She is my only child, we have a great mother daughter relationship, we really trust one another to be there with an open heart and mind.
Today I was supposed to be driving her to her ski team practice. We got another storm last night that started with snow, then turned to rain believe it or not it was thundering and lightening here in the middle of winter, really freaky weather for New Hampshire. So now everything is frozen in a hard icy crust on top of the couple feet of snow we have. That is not ideal skiing conditions, so I'm letting her skip this practice and she is happy to not have to brave the gusty wind and ice. So what to do today, I have a list of things so long, but I'm feeling overwhelmed with where to start, to the point where it is kind of paralyzing. So I went with that feeling and decided to stop, be still, and just sit in my favorite meditation spot looking out my windows to the sky.
Seeing the clouds move swiftly from the gusting winds began to release me. I went and got my camera and had to step out on our deck. Look of what I saw beautiful blue skies, white puffy clouds and this bird in flight.
Here is the view from inside our living room, the corner has two big windows that when you sit on the floor and look out it is just a fantastic place to meditate, this photo doesn't capture the beauty of the view because the glass is reflected and makes the sky look white. I still wanted to share my sacred spot, it is the place in my home I go to when I need to collect my self this is where I find peace.
Now that I am feeling free I'll be heading into the studio. Here is my easel of works in progress. I still have my "wish" word from December still up. There is an overflowing stack of paintings. They are calling to me to let my voice from within speak my truth.
Discover wings!


Wes said...

Really beautiful artwork by a really beautiful artist. I am really impressed. Apparently you are going places. But don't forget about constantly continuing your education. I did for a long time and I'm sorry for it now. You still have a long life ahead of you, and so talented, make sure you have education to back you up as well. There are many free educational sources and low-cost ones too. Just visit my site at:
Then c lick on Educational on the left. This is not a sales pitch at all, just wanting to let you know. If you don't need to know, just pass it around. I have found these sites helpful. Good luck with your art, it seems you are truly gifted!
God bless.

kirstendo said...

Wow you work is so happy, it reminds me abit of Joan Snyder's most recent show :), keep it up...