Saturday, November 1, 2008

A days work at the studio

Well I was back busy working in the studio today and look what I finished for the teachers art show. Both are 11"x14" mixed media pieces. Bee happy is the first of a series that incorporates bees as subject matter somewhere in the artwork. My inspiration is drawn from the carpenter bees that have been nesting in our porch ceiling and embracing the thought that I am the queen bee. The next piece,Together, side by side, is a tribute to the days of my childhood when my sister, mother, and I would go walking around the neighborhood signing the song "side by side." Happy memories of long ago, but still near and dear in my heart.


Jill Nalette said...

I love them Caryn!! I'd love to try and do those girls again.
Tomorrow is a big day!! I hope Obama wins!!
I love You,

Megan said...

I love your new pieces. I love them all. I am so inspired by you and impressed by all you have done. I can't believe your computer skills lately. have been busy. Your sites are so beautiful. The creative energy is really flowing. It is great. I love reading your blog. You are a true gift as an artist and a friend. Love you, Megan

michele said...

HI Caryn,
I love all your atrwork but think one of my favorites is bee happy!
Thanks so much for last Tuesday night! It was very energizing to be around other creative people. I look forward to the next meeting!

Jennifer Williams said...

I was just admiring your piece on the embrace the face blog! I really like your work.