Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waking up to inspiration

For the last few months I have had that tug at my heartstrings, a knowing that I need time for introspection. I can feel in my belly that change is waiting for me to be brave, step outside my comfort zone and embrace growth. Honestly this brings about two very conflicting emotions, excitement and fear, and as I write this I understand they are not so conflicting they often go hand in hand. I tend on the side of safety and that can be very inhibiting. So as this new year begins so too does a new journey of living a life of discovery. The snow storm from last week left a beautiful blanket of snow covering our fields and woods and I have been taking full advantage to explore our land on my cross country skis. Skiing is my favorite sport and being 3 hours away from my favorite ski area, Mad River Glen, I take advantage of the lovely trails that Brian has created on our property. My cat Abby only braves the cold occasionally, and the first few times she saw me on my skis she was a super scaredy cat, today she found the courage to venture through the snow to check out what I was doing.

After a few minutes she is ready to head to her warm sunny spot on our porch and I, with my camera, am ready to seek some nature inspiration.
The first treasure I same across was this precious nest. I do miss my songbirds that have flown south and I look forward to their return in the spring.
The bright red berries quickly catch my against the silvery blue snow.
When seeking inspriation it is always to look for a variety of perspectives.
Sometimes behind you might just find one of your most loving and loyal companions.
From the shadows emerge the beauty of sparkle and light.
Returning to the warmth of my woodstove I pull out the treasures I have collected
And while the inpiration moves me I capture the moment in my sketch book. Simple line drawings that will eventually find their way into my paintings.
Sharing my process in hopes that others will find their path to a life of creative inspiration is so much about who I am and what I wish to accomplish with my artwork. I am working with discovery in hopes that it will enable me to bring to life the beauty I wish to see in the world. Thank you for joining me on this journey of living with your eyes open, heart trusting, soulful feeling, and joy growing.


Marshall Lynch said...

the cat is really cute.
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Shea said...

I can relate. I love the hat.

Meri said...

Thank you for sharing beautiful photos from around your place! I cannot wait to see you and catch up with you!

paperbird said...

i just posted about stepping outside our comfort zone- i loved your heartfelt words and the images are gorgeous- love the cat in the snow and i am a sucker for nesty type things.