Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cozy at home, time for family, and believing in wings

I'm spending today at home, cozy and warm with the family. Today's winter storm has been dropping plenty of powdery snow which has been blowing all day. With our wood stove burning you would never believe it is a blistery cold day outside. Buddy didn't make it too far and chose to chill out on the porch.
Usually I'm happy to go out adventuring in the snow, but the winds were blowing so hard the snow was traveling sideways. I'll wait for things to calm a bit before I go out, even Buddy, with his thick winter fur wanted to come back inside.

So we got a day to lounge together. With Brian heading to New Zealand Saturday for 2 months of back packing, I was thrilled to have the family time.
Katie was trying out the back pack while Brian was organizing his gear. I'm really excited for him to be travelling on such an adventure. With Brian's love for nature and being out in the wild undeveloped land, New Zealand should be the perfect solo trip. I love nature, but know my limits and backpacking isn't for me. Even though I'll miss him I am all for him taking this trip to ground his spirit and relax after giving up his law practice. Two months seems like a long time in the moment and I been trying to focus on our time together with out projecting how I'll handle having him on the other side of the globe. I'm sure there will be times where I feel a bit empty and alone. I believe that the bond I share with Katie will grow having these next two months with plenty of mom and daughter time. I believe that with the help of my friends I can handle any situation that may arise and that laughter and good times will be plentiful. I believe that the joy I have from creating my artwork and teaching my art classes fills my spirit with gratitude for all the blessings of life. I believe that 2 months is really just a blink in time and allowing Brian to follow his dreams will strengthen our love. I believe by spreading our wings, following our hearts, and finding the courage to fly is the only way to live life!

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Beautiful, Caryn.