Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life Is A Verb

I bought this book well over a month ago. It was a couple of weeks before school started Kate and I took a trip to our local Barnes and Noble and I was searching for something to help me be focused so that I can carve out more time to nourish my soul. I had remembered reading someones blog post about this book, but as life happens it filtered to the back of my brain. Well the first thing that caught my eye (even before I recognized the title was the cover art, it looked like it belonged it the mixed media art section.

I couldn't help but pick it up, then I saw the title and a glimmer of recognition sparked a memory in my brain. After opening it up to browse through I was sold, the layout is full of fun artwork and pictures. Well it has been sitting on my bookcase, I eye it almost daily. I laid it out so I'll start to read it but it hasn't happened yet. But I have thought about this title. Is Life really a verb? If life is made up of our actions, how would I describe my life and how much do I think about it? Defining my life, my artwork and who I am is something that has never been easy for me to put into words. So it became an interesting exercise to pick verbs to describe my life. Here is my list (it is in no particular order just off the top of my head in 5 minutes): cook, paint, love, share, teach, grow, listen, mother, laugh (not enough), dream, think, plan, shop (too much time spent in art stores- way addicted to looking and searching for new goodies), travel, clean, sleep, eat, socialize, learn,cry, exercise, write, play. This list gives me food for thought. My life is good, I have had my share of hardships, but the blessings far out way them. I am looking forward to diving into this book, waking up, being more mindful, and living life with intention. So if life is a verb, what is your list (5 minutes no censoring) go.


di from di-did-it said...

This book is awesome! I've mentioned it a few times on my blog ~ maybe you saw it there. Regardless, I'm glad you picked up a copy ~ it's sure to touch you in unexpected ways.

I enjoyed your post ~ hmm.... an interesting exercise. I think I'll set my timer & give it a try.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Lynda said...

Thank you :) The lady who wrote that book is one of my friends on Facebook. She is a very nice person. A couple of my verbs are happy and busy. Have a good day Caryn!