Thursday, May 26, 2011

Springs Beauty and Bounty

My dear little flower beds are calling for my attention, after the weeks of rain the weeds have grown by leaps and bounds. The sunny skies have returned along with some much longed for warmer days. The big challenge is to try to balance time for it all. I have been spending most of my time at the studio creating new paintings in preparation for stocking the galleries with new work and prints.

I have been working on some larger floral paintings that provide bright backgrounds for some new spring birds. The song birds that have returned to our land grace me with their beautiful songs each morning. It is quite inspiring and fills my heart with joy. I have also been busy this past week preparing for the Squam Art Fair, I'll be their next Saturday with plenty of prints, wishbooks, pocket quotes, and original artwork. If you have the chance and are in the area it is an event worth checking out. Last fall was my first time their and I am thrilled to be part of this great evening again.

Lucy's Art Emporium, the local gallery her in Dover, is doing a series of interviews and asked me to be the featured artist this month. Being part of an interview is a great opporutnity for self reflection. It was really a pleasure take part in it. The interview is available here.

Wishes to everyone for blue skies of bliss and pink petals to ignite your creative passions. Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Great interview, Care! Your positive and creative spirit is gracing the lives of many. How wonderful to be a source of love and uplifting for others. It is a blessing to be able to offer that, isn't it? What I have always felt about art is that it is a channel and reflection of our unique life force energy and consciousness that is a language unto itself. Art conveys so many messages in a primal way that first had to do with communication among beings and as a way to mitigate a deeper interconnection with source. Your Creative Spirit embraces and embodies this so beautifully! The world is a richer place because you choose to make it so. With love and gratitude for your unique expressions and contributions on so many levels, both seen and felt.
Love you,
Lisa (& Kula kitty who just felt the need to curl up on my keyboard/lap as I type this!)

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