Monday, May 2, 2011

The Gift Of Being a Mother

Being a mom is my greatest creative endeavor! I cherish every minute of it. This past weekend my daughter asked me to do a photo shoot for her. She wanted to exchange photos with her boyfriend to celebrate 1 month of going steady, ahhh young love. Below are my favorite shots. We started out at my studio, as I had left my camera there. Kate had fun playing with my reading glasses.

It was a gorgeous spring day. I took her around to some of my favorite settings in downtown Dover,NH.

She had fun and posed for some silly shots.

Most of her poses showed her more composed side. She had a hard time choosing which picture to frame, this the first one she liked.

A close up in the same setting.

But this was the winner, showing her natural joy.

I am such a proud momma of my beautiful girl.

Our children grow so fast, each day is a gift for us to grow and learn with love and nurturing in our hearts. Happy mother's day everyday to all of the mommas, we are so blessed.

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Megan said...

So beautiful Katie. Great shots Caryn. Love you guys. xo Happy Mother's Day to you this weekend. Love, Megan