Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Wishes to You From Creative Spirit Art Studio

Warm wishes for a holiday that will make your heart smile!
Truth be known I spent more time working on decorations for my tiny tree at the studio this year than decorating my home. The gift gained was my tiny tree filled with heartfelt wishes for my awesome students, friends, and all of you who continue to give me support in bringing my dream of a creative career to life.
Over the past three years of this journey I have been blessed with students who share my creative spirit. My days have been filled with many hours of painting time and each time I sell a painting or hear stories of how others relate to my artwork my heart just soars.

Here is my little tree covered with love. I started with some wooden hearts and large circles, then used my Golden soft gel to adhere the papers and prints to cover both sides, added stamped heartfelt wishes, then a coat of UVA sealer, and for some sparkle I added some glass glitter around the edges and beads.

They were a big seller at our holiday open house this year. It really brings me happiness to think of my hand crafted hearts being used as gifts or adorn peoples trees.

The perfect tree topper was a little painting that I created with my friends and their daughters during a workshop I organized, called From the Center of Your Heart during our Labor Day Weekend at the Lake.

Wishes for everyone to fills their hearts with kindness, to be open to the gift of friendship, to believe that the gifts that bring the most cheer can not be purchased at a store, but come from within by sharing time with others.

Love, from the center of my heart Happy Holidays!


Lisa Valerie Blake said...


What love and beauty popping out at me through my computer screen. It is not as good as being in your creative spirit in person, but I am glad to have this mode of being able to take in your energy and love.
I wish you continued success, happiness, creative evolution to the next levels, peace, health, joy, and of course, love.
Your #1 fan,
Your sister

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hey I'm laughing over here because those card designs look very familiar from my Vista Prints!

Merry Christmas.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Dearest Caryn , Merry Christmas, I thank you so much for your friendship this year. I have so enjoyed visiting you and thank you sooo much for your visits and support in return. That heart tree is the best tree ever!!!! Hugs Julie