Friday, December 18, 2009

At Home in My Heart

What happens when it's one of the busiest time of the year, when you are rushing to meet deadlines, working seven days a week, and trying to still have quality time with the family? Your body tells you to slow down, for me this message came in the form of a stomach flu. After days of not eating, I am now eating very small meals and reintroducing foods back into my diet, but still trying to take it easy. The bright side of this was that it made me slow way down, catch up on some much needed rest and gave me time to be cozy at home. It allowed me to let go of some of my control issues (this was the first year that I let Katie take on the job of decorating the tree by herself.) Brian even encouraged Buddy to cuddle up with me on the couch.
It's amazing the way pets can bring so much joy and love into your heart.

But nothing compares to the love of a child. Kate and I found time to collaborate on this piece of artwork for her language arts project. It was her brain child for what beauty is. I love spending time with her at the studio, we laugh, listen to music and have great heart to heart talks. When we finished she was asking about how to sign the piece. She went with Katie Ann and a small heart, this little gesture of copying the way I sign my work with my first, middle name and heart gave me a huge feeling of success.
It made me realize that she is finding the value in listening to your heart, watching me being brave by taking chances to live out my dreams and take chances. It's what life is really about. It fills you up and gives a real sense of knowing how to be home in your heart!


Gina Lee Kim said...

This is a lovely post Caryn! Merry Christmas to you...

Lisa Valerie Blake said...

Caryn & K,

What beautiful art you make together and how wonderful to have such a heartfelt friendship and relationship. I love Katie's piece, it is clear she is a loving spirit with many creative gifts.

Much love to you,