Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Gifts of Today

Spotting Kate's peace necklace blending into our rug while practicing yoga this morning. Kate returning from her sleep over so we get a few precious moments together before our paths diverge again. Her wanting to add this to my post and insisting for me not to read it until it was posted. Mom: Let me just say that you're an amazing person so important to me. You don't judge me and it's always so easy to be myself. Sometimes things don't always go as we want them to when we're together, but those times make us stronger and strengthen our bond of love. I couldn't imagine a better role-model, friend, shopping partner, pal, and most importantly the person who encourages to spread my wings to reach my dreams. Thank you for everything you do for me. I Love You~Kate
Writing a Haiku poem titled Dirt-
Always under me
Sometimes Staining and messy
Essential to life
Wearing my fun baby blue All Stars and walking right past the dirt on my floors to head out for a day to paint at the studio.
The beautiful nature on our land, just 2 miles out of the city that provides us with lots of firewood to keep us warm and toasty in the winter.
My furry friend, Tessa who comes running with joy to see me and brushes up against my legs with love.
Many Thanks to the universe for sending such lovely gifts my way today!
Love and Joy!

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paperbird said...

Your daughter is gorgeous and it sounds like she loves her Momma!