Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Joy of Motherhood

This morning I woke bright and early to see Kate off to her first day of her last year in middle school. I still wake up with her, pack her lunch, and watch as she walks to the end of our driveway for the bus. I sit and sip my tea until I see the bus arrive. It is a bittersweet moment, I am thankful to have my mornings focus on my creative energies, but sad to know that the busy schedule of the school year also brings fleeting moments to spend enjoying motherhood. One of the highlights of this summer was having Kate by my side to work with me at my art camps. Some of my teariest moments was missing her while I was travelling in Italy and she was away at her camp on Lake Winnipesaukee. It struck me this summer, as this time is passing (often too quickly) and Katie is growing, I am forever grateful for the joy of motherhood. It is a journey that has made me understand love, self-sacrifice, patience, respect for individuality, pain, silly bliss, the power of dreaming, growth, and so much more! So with tears in my eyes and love in my heart I file through my digital photos of Kate and record the passing of time.


paperbird said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Motherhood is wonderful- such a blessing.
I hope that you had an amazing time in Italy!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

This was so good to read. The issue of parenthood has been a big one in our house lately and the topic of what it is all about. It was good to read about your enjoyment of it as we have been mostly discussing the heartache it seems to be causing many we know lately.

Lisa Valerie Blake said...


I love your reflections and vulnerable honesty. Katie is lucky to have you (or as she said when she was 3 "to have picked you") as her mom. I wish her the sweet gentleness of her mother's spirit.

Your writing and visuals show that, truly, you have the heart & soul of an artist!

Love You,