Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wishes For You Giveaway

My breakfast room has become my home studio for this winter and the table has been left in the constant state of creative chaos. I have been busy crafting a series of mini mixed media wish books. Sewing the foundation of the background papers from recycled journals, books, and mail that I have collected.
Adding embellishments of colorful paper scraps, paint, and meaningful words.

Using the original finished piece to print copies and package with a surprise wish in each one.

If you are in need of a wish right now, go ahead and make one. Post your wish as a comment by this Saturday and I will randomly select five wishes to receive one of my five new mini wish books. Wishes for all your dreams to come true!( PS please make sure to leave your email so that I will be able to contact the winners)


Lisa Gallup said...

My greatest wish is for my kids to be in happy, committed, married relationships. :)

Lisa Valerie Blake said...

I am making my wish NOW: for clarity, happiness and inner peace to manifest purely in my heart and radiate outward to touch everyone I meet.
Thank you for giving me a place to wish outloud and to remember to make a wish! Love you, Lise

Cindy said...

I love your description "creative chaos"

Hmm...a wish...
for my children to have happiness and love in their lives always!

Thank you,

Ally Richardson said...

i wish i knew what i was doing with my life. haha, making decisions has never been my strong point.

Chrystalee said...

I came across your blog quite by accident, but consider it to be a happy accident. I've enjoyed reading your posts.

My wish is for the pitfalls in life, that greet each of us, are made shallower and that our hearts and minds will be moved in ways to learn and grow from them. (Especially for my children!)


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