Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back from LA

Today is the first day after arriving home from a long weekend away to LA, CA two weekends ago, that I feel like I am finally catching up here at home. I loved going on this quick vacation, but it was really hard readjusting time zones, how do people do it who have to travel all the time? Anyways, I went out there to visit my friend, Megan, she is out there for a few months of auditions for her daughter. We are longtime friends from high school and she live here on the East Coast about 25 minutes from me. So I have really been missing her since she moved to the West Coast the last couple of months. Thankfully our other best friend, Priscilla suggested that we do a girls trip to visit. Our daughters are all friends, so we took them too.
Of course, Katie promptly told me that when she is 18 she'll be living in CA. No big surprise to me, she doesn't like the cold New England winters.

Megan's daughter, Lexy (the aspiring star), and Katie have been lifetime friends. So they were so happy to be together.

I loved spending time with Megan, Priscilla and our girls.

We had fun filled days with laughter and good times.
Here is our whole group except for Priscilla who was taking this photo. We could have never arranged for a time back home for lunches like this with all our different schedules.

I was taking some photos of a cute little birdie taking a bath when along came this adorable little Avery bird, Megan's youngest.

I feel so lucky to have these ladies as my friends. Love ya both!

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Lynda said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! :)