Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ready for a Change

Years ago in high school I was ready to change my mousey dark blond hair into a beach blond. What did I use? Sun In, producing an effect much different than I was going for, but all in all it hooked me into hair color. Ever since I have playing around with different shades of blonds. Recently I started wondering about going a bit darker. At my last hair appointment I asked my stylist what he thought of my color and he was all for going darker. So a month ago I made the appointment, have been thinking a lot about committing to this change, and decided why not. So today was the day. I was hoping for a dark golden blond with hints of red. The actual results....

quite a bit darker, and I would say more brunette. I think I like this change, I feel a bit sassy and bolder. So I am going to embrace this change (at least for the next six weeks before I head back for my next appointment.) I have been working on a few new pieces, trying to be looser and adding some drips and splatters to my work. Here is the piece that I finished and will be taking home to hang in my office to try to liven that space up a bit.

Now I just need some elves to come and make me curtains with the Amy Butler fabric I bought almost a year ago. I wish I was more talented with sewing, I think half of it is my machine likes to be temperamental.


paperbird said...

it is a pretty color and it looks good on you- very natural looking :)

Carmen said...

These paintings are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for supporting Art & Dreams Bound by adding a button to your blog!!! I appreciate you!

Mucho love,