Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winter Vacation Art Camp

Winter Vacation Art Camp for Kids February 27th-March 3rd 10am-1pm ages 8-13 cost $200.per week Creative Spirit art camp empowers creativity and development of drawing and painting skills. Children will create a variety of projects that encourage individual expression. Pre-registration is required. To register contact Caryn at (603)534-4588 www.carynduncan.com

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 summer art camps

Summer Art Camps Creative Spirit summer art camp is a fun experience about making art that focuses on you! Caryn Lynn designs the programs to emphasize individual expression in a small group setting in her Dover, NH studio. Her teaching style will nurture your child's creativity, expand their imagination, and introduce them to art history. The primary focus of each camp is creative exploration through drawing, painting, and hand crafted art. Camp hours are Monday through Friday, 9am until noon. Cost is $150. per week session. Pre-registration is required. To register contact Caryn at (603)534-4588 or email to cduncan_caryn@msn.com to request a registration paperwork July 11th-15th Dream Big ages 8-14 Create collaged inspiration boards to imagine your vision and what speaks to your heart. Your art is about what you love most in life. We will sketch out ideas to use in large scale drawing and paintings that incorporates abstract color exploration as a background for realistic imagery. July 18th-22nd Wonderland ages 6-11 Drawing from your imagination we will create whimsical characters. We will learn about landscapes drawing and explore how to combine what we see in life with what we imagine. Students will work with expressive color and be introduced to canvas painting. July 25th-29th Make your Mark ages 8-14 On the drawing board find your style. Make an impact using patterns in design compositions. Color theory will be introduced to emphasis subject matter and capture expressive mood. Projects will be created to incorporate mixed media and canvas painting. August 1st-5th Wild and Free ages 6-11 Take a look at nature as a unlimited source of creative possibilities. Through observation we will sketch. We will use sketches to develop ideas and paint colorful pictures that express the natural world around us.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Night Lights, You're Invited Agust 27th 5-7pm

Night Lights Painting at Outdoor Pride in beautiful Rye, NH Join me for a summer evening of garden inspiration, art making, and wine tasting! Organic Designs with Seacoast Artist Caryn Lynn Duncan 5:00-7:00 pm A fun experience to be playful with the creative process of painting! Caryn will guide you as you make a colorful creation inspired by the garden. Pre-registration is required. Materials provided. Class fee is $30. Pre registration required. Contact me at www.carynduncan.com for more information.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fall 2015 Weekly Art Classes for Children and Adults by NH seacoast artist Caryn Lynn Duncan

Fall 2015 Art Class Schedule classes begin September 8th Registration information at www.carynduncan.com Weekly Classes for Children Caryn's classes are designed to help students develop artistic skills and creative thinking. Students work at their own pace and produce their own personal portfolio of artwork with individual instruction from Caryn to guide student's artistic ideas and facilitate practices that will encourage development of artistic skill and technique. Art Fundamentals (ages 5-8) Wednesday 5pm-6pm Students will be introduced to art mediums in order to experience exploratory manipulation of materials. Concepts of color, pattern, texture, shape and line will be incorporated into projects that will express their ideas and feelings. Students will develop ideas for projects that explore their individual interpretation of a subject. Art categories such as, portraits, landscape, animals, cartoon drawing, color mixing, canvas painting and art history will be explored through choice based projects to develop drawing and painting skills. Monthly tuition cost $60. Sketch to Draw (ages 8-13) Wednesday 6pm-7pm The foundation of this class will focus on developing drawing skills for visual expression. Group exercises that develop creative thinking as well as art skills will be used to introduce theme based subject areas. Working at their currents level students will work to refine sketches and develop them with personalized one to one drawing instruction with Caryn. Each student will set a personal goal to complete at least one finished art project per month that they design around their personal interests. Students will explore a variety of drawing, illustration, and painting techniques. Students are required to purchase a sketch book for weekly homework assignments and come prepared to class. Sketch to Paint (ages 8-13) Tuesday 5pm-6:30pm This class will focus on an in-depth exploration with materials to develop more advanced skills in drawing and painting. With guidance from Caryn, students will set a personalized goal to complete a series of individual projects around a subject area of their choice. Students will be responsible to investigate resources for inspiration and find photo references to sketch from. Attention to details and follow through is expected in order to complete artwork that maintains a quality of workmanship. Students will be encouraged to expand their personal horizons by exploring a variety of strategies and exercises to enhance creativity and imagination. Students are required to purchase a sketchbook for weekly homework assignments and come prepared to class. Art classes Adults ages teen-adult for all levels of experience and are open to ages teen through adult. They are designed to guide you through your creative process while introducing you to new techniques using traditional art mediums to create unique one of a kind artwork that reflects your own personal style. Classes provide demonstration of techniques and time for you to have hands on learning that encourages a sense of play and discovery. The small group setting allows for individual instruction to develop your own artistic style. Painting, the process of visual expression Tuesdays 6:30pm-8pm This class will focus on developing techniques in painting ,how to create an individual artistic style., composition development, overcoming personal creative blocks, and incorporating art fundamentals as part of creative process. No prior experience is necessary and the class is suited for all levels of experience. Project guidelines will be used as a starting place for students to begin developing a deeper understanding of what they connect to in life and how to convey that through the visual expression of painting.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Seacoast of New Hampshire Summer Art Camps

2015 Summer Art Camps by Caryn lynn Duncan
At Main Street Makery Durham, NH Registration opens in April Instruction that will nurture your child’s hands on creativity, expand their imagination and introduce them to art history. The primary focus of each camp is creative exploration through drawing, painting, and hand crafted art. Camp hours are Monday through Friday, 9am until noon. Cost is $150. per week session. Pre-registration is required and students will be accepted on a first come basis.
Offering a variety of fun themes that engage children to see life through artistic lenses! Sketch to Paint July 6th-10th an art walk through the ages each day will provide the opportunity to look at the history of art. Prehistoric art of cave painting, art of the ancient world, the world of nature through renaissance, a day in the park with on site sketching, and expressionism through the connection of art and music inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky. Rainbows of Color Creations July 13th-17th make and impact using color and art. From out of the dark ages of art history the bright colors in Renaissance illuminates design elements, work with light and paint outside to capture mood through impressionism, learn about color theory to create harmony, understand the technique of using complimentary colors and divisionism, have fun with color to express yourself. A light in the attic, illustrate your ideas July 20th-24th Combine pictures and words to create illustrative art. We will look at some of the creative minds of beloved authors, illustrators, and artists. Make art inspired by the poems and drawings of Shel Silverstein, collage by Eric Carle, oh the places you go with Dr. Seuss, the pop art of Andy Warhol, and Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. Natural elements and organic designs July 27th-31st the art of nature and science combines through careful observation, we will take a look and get creative. Under the microscope will make small objects into large scale art, look at textures to create patterns, and garden flowers will burst full of color. Discover the natural wonders with walks where we will collect natural elements to make nature crafts and a collaborative still life. Expressive Art, make a statement August 3rd-7th Make a statement and communicate your vision. Silly self portraits inspired by Edvard Munch the Scream, music interpreted through art, mixed media of paint and collage that uses color and shape to create fun forms inspired by Henri Matisse, look at life to find what you love through canvas painting and art your way. Little Monet August 13th-17th the joy of vacations and creating colorful landscapes from the beach, park, and in the garden. Bright splashy brushwork and color palettes create harmony, movement, and make a series of artwork that captures light at different times of the day. summer camp location is the: Main Street Makery 42a Main St. Durham, NH 03824

Monday, March 9, 2015

Summer Art Camps for Kids, Creative Spirit Art, Dover, NH

2015 Summer Art Camps Choose from themes that have been developed into week long programs that will nurture your child’s creativity, expand their imagination, Introduce them to art history, and develop skills based upon the fundamentals of art. Each day is divided up so that students will learn from instructional group activities and projects that they will design based upon their individual interest. Camp hours are Monday through Friday, 9am until noon for ages 5-14. Cost is $175. per week session. Pre-registration is required and students will be accepted on a first come basis. June 29th-July 3rd Color Creations July 6th-July 10th Made in the USA July 13th-July 17th Surf's Up July 20-July 24 Laugh Out Loud July 27-31 Once in a Blue Moon August 3-7 Make your Mark August 10-14 A light in the Attic August 17-21 Think Big

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Art Classes Dover, NH and beyond the dream and living the passion

A big dream, that is how it all began. Creative Spirit Art Studio, a choice to be creative, having the time to focus on making artwork, and teaching art classes and creative workshops was the self-realization that when our hearts call there is a moment we must act. I wanted to create, and I did. A lovely little studio where the process of making art could happen.
Weekly classes for children open doors to expand drawing skills and translate their ideas into visual communication of how they see the world, what they love, and how they want to approach the making process. With the right perspective and mindset it's true life learning. Art Classes go beyond the making here. It's a process of discovery
 how to see,  choosing ideas that make you feel connected, having trust that yes you can do it and by doing again and again you grow.
It doesn't matter how young or how old we are it is step by step that we move forward.